04 lilac and magenta cities :)

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  1. i splurged again :noggin:

    04 lilac city and 05 magenta city

    i might sell the lilac though :rolleyes:
    IMG_0022_1.jpg IMG_0020_1.jpg
  2. noooo..don't sell your lilac! Sell your magenta...TO ME!!!!!! :biggrin:
  3. ohhhhh!!!! Magenta!!!!!! My dream bag....i want one so badddd!!
  4. OMG!!!! i love both of them esp the lilac:love:

  5. It's your chance .... go honey :graucho: !!
  6. ***waves to the new b-bags***

    totally yummy!!!! :heart: congrats on the new b-bags!!! i wouldn't sell any of them!!! i'd keep them both - because the city is such a great size! the colours are just beautiful - just right for summer! congrats!!!
  7. Khai - sorry, but i'm so in love w/ my magenta, i won't be letting go of it for a while! :rolleyes:

    Amour - i've emailed you ;)

    helen - i agree, the city is the PERFECT size! :yes:
  8. Gorgeous bags! Congrats!
  9. Ahh, the magenta is so vibrant! Congrats on both your gorgeous bags! Sorry to hear you're not as keen on the lilac. I'm sure you'll find her a good home in no time!
  10. Really love your bags, eveningfaces! Congrats!
  11. ohhh good luck eveningfaces & AmourN20!!!! The lilac is preeeeetty.... :love:
  12. Damn why did I make my vow of no more Bbags until next year!!! :yes:
  13. Beautiful! I'd love to see all your purses!! Don't you have a teal and turquoise too? ;)
  14. Oh sweetie, you just mean next fiscal year, not next calender year, right??:amazed:
  15. :lol::roflmfao::roflmfao: That's a good way to go around a vow!!! :lol: