04 Lilac = 08 Pale Magenta?

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  1. is it my monitor? Or am I onto something?
  2. Hmmmmm....they do look kind of close! Man oh man....everytime I see that '08 magenta I want it LOL
  3. oooo good thinking! I can't wait to see tPFer IRL pics, but if it does really look like '04 lilac, that would be awesome! I would really love a nice, more muted pink!
  4. Yeah I want more IRL pics to decide. But if that is the case then I may wait until the end of the season and try to score one on eBay since I think I have enough pink ('05 magenta, '05 BG, and '08 petal pink) and couldn't justify another pink one to the hubby LOL
  5. from the pictures they do look similar.. but i can not wait to see it IRL.. thanks for posting!!
  6. Nah, the o4 is purple, the 08 is pink - based on all photos I've seen of these colors I don't think they look close at all :nogood:
  7. I think 08 Magenta looks like the lovechild of 04Lilac and 07Magenta. Either way, I'm in love with it and I want Magenta!
  8. We are so on the same page! I have all of the pictures of Magenta on my computer desktop like some sort of teenage boy--only I'm lusting over handbag porn!


    I need that love child now!
  9. Here's a pic of my amazingly gorgeous old Lilac 04 and I think the color is captured pretty well here. I haven't seen the pale magenta but I'd really think it would be more pink than this. And then rose 04 next to it. I doubt these are really helping anyone but at least they're pretty! I do think the new one will be smack in the middle of these two.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  10. Boho you are so funny!! The Magenta looks pretty good to me too!
  11. hubba hubba! *whistles like a construction worker at a leggy lady* Ok, I really think that my bf being "too tired" is making me lust after bags in a very weird way! lol Oh well, better than ice cream!
  12. Quote:
    "Ohhh mama, I think I'm gonna have to dance . . . "

    --What I say in my best Elvis voice, every single time I see a picture of the 08' Magenta!!!!

    LOL!!! (but seriously, I'm not kidding).