04 Khaki First

  1. beautiful bag! yep it's authetnic and from a PFer as well!
  2. Yes, this is authentic! I believe it's LoriB's! Good luck, Lori! It's beautiful!:heart:
  3. Yes, this bag is 1000% authentic, and is being sold by one of our favorite members! Who bought it from the Bbag Goddess herself (who can reveal herself, if she likes). Gorgeous, gorgeous bag. Yum.
  4. Oh, I didn't notice the seller was a PFer. It's a nice color LoriB, "goes" with everything. Goodluck on your sale!!
  5. Thanks ladies!
  6. wish you the best of luck this time!
  7. bbag, you're funny - it's only lil' ol me ;) hehe! Yes, Lori bought it from me - so I can tell everyone that this bag is sooooo gorgeous, seriously - the color and leather combination is one of the best I have ever seen. :love:
  8. relisted for a lower BIN! all the best!

    i love khaki the best of all the other colours right now, but i really shouldn't buy anything right now.. pooh.
  9. ^^I beg to differ! You really should.....*L*
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