04 Eggplant Twiggy $1350 BIN $1550

  1. OMG she's gorgeous! :love: That color is amazing.
  2. :drool: i'm seriously drooling over this one:love:
  3. Ok here goes... wish me luck ladies :nuts:
  4. GOOD LUCK!! it's such a gorgeous color!
  5. Oh it's gorgeous!!! Ack! I MUST resist temptation!!!
  6. Ack me too, I am supposed to be on a purse :ban::crybaby: It is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.....must resist temptation.:sweatdrop:
  7. It's beautiful!!! I can't stop looking at the pictures Cilla! Sigh. Nooo. I need to focus on getting a brand new Magenta first... I'm logging out of this forum and ebay. LOL.
  8. :lol: This place and ebay are so dangerous.:nuts:

    Good luck on finding your Mangenta First!
  9. CRAP!!! The BIN is gone! :crybaby:
  10. Hee. I'm back! Oh this forum is so addictive! Anyway thanks sweetie. I hope I'll find a brand new one soon... :heart:
  11. Damn! Sorry you didn't make it. It sure was expensive though...
  12. I think this is a wonderful PFer's auction! This bag is terrific. Good luck!
  13. Good luck everybody, it is BEAUTIFUL! It looks new too...!