04 Eggplant compagnon wallet!

  1. beautiful zac :heart: :heart: :heart: :drool:
    Good luck with your sale!!
  2. Beautiful, too bad I bought a MJ wallet two days ago
  3. Ooooh - gorgeous!!
  4. Good luck with your sale babeeeeee.:heart:
  5. good luck, zac-dear! she's so beautiful!!!!!:heart:
  6. So pretty good luck Zac!!
  7. Its beautiful Zac! Good luck to ya girl!
  8. :drool: . need i say more?:sweatdrop: it's so cute. can I take it straight up my veins?
  9. Deco, I thought of you and your new-found love for Eggplant! could this be the splash of Eggplant that you need in your collection? :graucho:
  10. It's goooorgeous! :love:
  11. Beautiful! I'm surprised you're selling this Zacorey, but good luck!
  12. AWWW~ you all are so sweet!!!!!! I can't believe I'm selling this either!:crybaby: ...but I have gone completely overboard on spending!!! I got yelled at last night by DH!!!!:lecture: ~ and now that I can't use Paypal I can't hide my spending!!!!!:crybaby:
  13. i'm so sorry you have to let her go, my dear:crybaby:you're strong for doing so because she's gorgeous:love:

    (somehow i think your DH and mine are related somewhere down the line:sad:hang in there, sweetie;))
  14. Good luck on your sale!! It's gorgeous !!