04 Eggplant Classique

  1. doh! :Push:
    i just posted the same auction as you!
  2. it deserves 2 threads anyhow! :yahoo: its GORGEOUS!
  3. LoriB, good luck with the auction :P
    i was shocked to see that this bag is the one you let go though...
  4. Thanks you guys. I will always carry with me the memory of the most lovely leather I've ever felt. But I need cash!
  5. you are a strong, strong woman LoriB!!!
  6. OK I just couldn't resist this one!!!!!!! I am strongly lacking in the willpower dept. Can't wait to get this.....yummmmm.
  7. did you BIN it, benr?!?!
    congrats to both loriB and you then!!
  8. Congrats benr! She's a beauty!
  9. Yay! Ditto what Jennifer said, congrats to both buyer and seller! Two needs met in one, you can't get better than that!
  10. Congrats to LoriB and Benr!!!:flowers:
  11. OMG . . . another GORGEOUS classique change her mommy :nuts: !!

    CONGRATS to both of you: Lori and Benr :flowers: :flowers: !
  12. It's on it way, benr! I came home from work early today just so I could ship it out to you right away. I know you will love it! And thanks again!
  13. Thanks everyone and LoriB for getting this out so quick. I'm so excited about this gem! Had no intentions of purchasing again so soon after my '05 black work and my '03 rouge twiggy, but this I had to have. I'm outta control lately and need therapy I think. Wish I could stop the madness. I haven't read any of the other boards for bags other than bbags. Are people as obsessed as with those as we are with our bbags??? Until last year I was alway a handbag girl, but NEVER had such an outta control obsession like I do now. Once I went bbag I've never gone back and need a fix almost every couple weeks. Prior to bbags I could go for months without needing a new bag. Not anymore. Yikes!:nuts:
  14. hahahaa... I think this forum is notorious for having the craziest most obsessive purse lovers... with LV and Hermes close behind. there is just something incredibly addictive about balenciagas!

    congrats on the eggplant! you got a very very VERY good one! :yahoo: