04 Eggplant city!!!

  1. I was just going to post that! D-ROOOOOOOLLLL!
  2. WOW! [​IMG] It looks gorgeous!
    Thanks for sharing, amour! :flowers:
  3. i can't get ebay here at work. is there a bin?thanks,
  4. No BIN, opening bid is 1,399. It's a gorgeous, gorgeous bag.:heart:
  5. wow, that is an amazing bag! i'm watching all of her items for sale right now, lol!
  6. the other eggplant city sold for 1100 yesterday? may make this one less desirable due to it's starting price, despite how gorgeous it is.
  7. I agree Winona. I think I would have waited just a bit to list this one to let the "eggplant desires" build up again. However, given this seller's reputation I'm sure someone will probably grab it.
  8. I really like this colour and that leather just looks scrumptious!
  9. I keep going back and looking at this one but I just can't...ooooh but I so want it!
  10. i love love love this colour :love:
  11. wow, the color is so gorgeous!
  12. Wow another gorgeous eggplant!:love:
  13. Pleeeeaaaaaasssseeeee ... post more information for us poor souls who cannot get into eBay whilst at work!!!! This drives me nuts :hysteric: ; I'm constantly missing out on fab bags because I can't look at diddle-y!
  14. This Bag is almost new, stunning -someone please get it.:yes: :yahoo: