'04 EGGPLANT city on Ebay :-)

  1. Item # 6888301294 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Good luck :flowers::love:
  2. DAG-NABB-IT ... I always miss out on this stuff because I can't get into eBay when I'm at work. Is there a BIN? If so, I bet it will go in a hurry ... DRAT :censor: :mad: :rant: !!!
  3. ^There is no BIN, and this has been up for a few days with no bids, so you should be okay :yes:
  4. Hmmmm ... is the starting bid really high? Anyone know who the seller is? Sorry to ask all these questions ... I wish there was some way that I could (at least) look at this stuff!
  5. Oh CeeJay ..... good luck - hope you can get it ... crossing fingers ;):yes: ! Can anybody help you, maybe ?

  6. The seller is in United Kingdom/Europe and the start-price is $ 1456 !!
  7. The starting bid is 790 GBP, which is about $1455 USD.
  8. That does seem high. I'm sure someone will pay it.
  9. ..... and it's during for 2 days .... no bid yet ;)
  10. It's vuittonolic, whoever that is. The condition is only 8 out of 10 though, so keep that in mind.
  11. Thanks ... I'll take a look this weekend. Yeah, $1495 is up there ... add on top the shipping (and possibly customs if she doesn't know how to send it correctly). I wish the Fall bags were out; would love to see them "in-the-flesh"!!
  12. oh ceejay, i second that. I want to see the new blueberry color.
  13. OMG! I love eggplant! Somebody buy this one- go CeeJay! It's a beauty!
  14. i love the leather on the 04 eggplant city~~so soft...!!!! i think the new blueberry is pretty, don't know about the leather though...
  15. Oooh! That color and leather looks fantastic, but the price--yikes! I guess that's the going rate for the really good older Bbags now, though. I would love to have an 04 Eggplant. Hope one of our fellow PFers wins it! :smile: The new fall colors look like they'll be pretty, but I don't think the leather will be as nice as this one. The condition could be better, though, but maybe you can clean up those little dirt speckles with Apple Guard?