04' Eggplant City on Ebay!

  1. From Dudeiloveyou Auction # 6881873351! Good Luck!:biggrin:
  2. Niiice! I can't wait to see more pics of the bag! I wonder how high this one will go...
  3. Dudes eggplant bags are killing me!! I think his first went for around $1400 last week...so beautiful but way outa my reach!
  4. My dream bag!!!! But starting at $1400.... :cry:
  5. oh i want this!
  6. Oh sweetsparkle are you going to make an offer?
  7. i don't know....seems the starting bid is a little high but maybe i should try. her eggplant first sold for $1400. i don't want to pay too much :sad:
  8. Yeh I can understand. Didn't her eggplant first sell for $1500?!
  9. I don't watch ebay auctions much but I would think that this may not go much higher unless you think people are willing to pay upwards of $1800 for a bbag????
  10. oh maybe! hmm....i might have to rethink this. but i've been looking for a city to carry to work and eggplant would be an awesome color.
  12. I think this could sell for over $1600 - $1700 - a brand new condition eggplant, city size, is a true gem - a rarity. My eggplant is not in "new" condition and I paid $1400 for it.
  13. Thanks Loganz. I have not observed these auctions much so have no idea about prices. It is a great color.
  14. I wonder where dude keeps getting these bags from.... I am so envious. I can only imagine how high this one is going to go for, but I think it's worth a try if you're willing to pay that much for it.
  15. Hmmm I have a feeling it will go for $1700! That's waaaaay over my budget unfortnately lol!