04 Egglant City!!!

  1. That is a gorgeous color! The leather is absolutely amazing. I can't believe how smooshy soft it looks!!!:love: :love: :love:
  2. just realized I misspelled eggplant. when I get excited I drop letters. apologies. uh- my bbag mod luvahs wanna help me out? :heart:
  3. That's a BEAUTIFUL bag!
  4. That color is SO Amazing!!!!
  5. Swissflower and Balenciagalove... where are youuu?? :graucho:

    Pretty pretty bag! I :heart: mine!
  6. OMG!! Beautiful! Good luck ladies :flowers:
  7. :girlsigh: gorgeous!! I want one!!
  8. What a lovely bag to see first thing in the morning. I'm glad I came here first.

    Was there a BIN before the first bid? Sometimes a BIN is the best price as competition has become fierce.
  9. well, I guess we'll be seeing this one again at a higher price.

    :yucky: :hysteric:

    I vote, everyone boycott's the relist, make a point... :angel: :graucho: ;)
  10. the color is stunning!!!
  11. I fixed it for you ;)
  12. FANTASTIC eggplant city .... OMG .... I LOVE it :heart: . . . good luck everyone :flowers: :yahoo:
    mocean ... thank you for letting us know :love:
  13. ahh I want it! it's sooo pretty!
  14. that is one damn fine bag. and it is in excellent condition. someone loved that bag.