04 Dark Turquoise Classic

  1. Holy cow... I am hyperventilating over here. Mimi, that is the most beautiful combo of leather and hardware I've ever seen!!!!!!!!! :love: :wtf: :wtf: :love:
  2. I don't know if I love it or hate it. It's a very odd vibrant color.
  3. WOW .... that's an AMAZING bag and very rare color with my loved 'silver-hw' :yahoo: :yahoo: !!!
    Good Luck with your sale MiMi :flowers:
    Thank you emila for this thread :tender:
  4. *gulp*
  5. STUNNING!!!!! Mimi has all the best bags!!!
  6. Okay, this color must be SUPER rare. It's the first time I've seen it, and I wasn't even aware it existed! I was only aware of the '04 F/W Turquoise and the '05 turquoise!! I looked at the swatch board, and sure enough, there it is under '04 S/S. Actually, it seems like everything from the '04 S/S season is very rare ...
  7. ^^ Its fairly newly discovered, thanks to the ladies here. How cool are we? :biggrin:

    :back2topic: MIMI!!!!! Why are these always the First size? Its too small for me. :sad:

    Gorgeous bag tho'. ;)
  8. It's beautiful!!!!! If the price doesn't sky rocket, I'm totally going to consider it!
  9. Very cool! ;) Is there a thread I can read about this discovery?
  10. Same here, what a lovely bag. Mimi....I can't believe you are selling that beauty.:love:
  11. Ooooh. There is somewhere I think, but I can't think how old it would be. If you go here:

    atelier.naff: New old colors

    It explains about the discovery of the new old red, and mentions the dark turq as a 'new old' colour. I can't think what the thread here was called tho'. Sorry.:flowers:
  12. here's the thread..I posted a pic of my city bag and didn't know the color..I emailed BalNY and Sarah was so kind to email me the exact color and color number of my bag. It was discovered last July;)


    ladies,this bag is totally amazing...go get her!!!:wlae: :heart:

    mimz...can't believe you're letting her go...she's a beauty!!!! goodluck hun!:heart:
  13. mimi! i had no idea you had this bag! I thought amour's was the only one on tPF! what else are you hiding?!?! :lol: ;)
  14. ^^ Ditto.
    this bag is AMAZING!!!
    You won't need "good luck" to sell this one.
    simply perfect!