04 Black Silver First 1688.99 BIN or BE

  1. GORGEOUS! GORGEOUS! GORGEOUS! Why can't it be a city?!!! Not that I have the money now but somehow I would find a way! LOL
  2. It's gone now! Congrats to the buyer!

    I have a 04 black first with silver hardware and it is my favorite bag, it was worth every penny for me.
  3. wow that was fast.
  4. Thank you if I don't say so my self...:yahoo: :wlae:
    Now if I can just find the rough Silver First or City..
  5. I don't know if I like the silver hardware. different.
  6. Congratulations she!!! Way to go!
  7. Congratulations, she, it looks perfect!
  8. Congrats She!

    I own one of these babies and it's my fave Bbag. Well, it's my fave when I'm not using the Weekender. LoL

    Enjoy your rare find.
  9. CONGRATS she ..... to this beautiful black-classique :flowers: it's GORGEOUS :yahoo: !! can't wait to see pics when you got it :love:
  10. Congrats She! :drool:
  11. You must have a rocking collection SHE. Congrats!!!!
  12. Gorgeous purchase!
    LOL, I'm looking for a red first with silver HW too!
  13. ^^Wow, I thought your flat brass first (purchased a couple of months ago) was your last x-mas gift! You bad girl you! :winkiss: Did you get that bag? You never posted photo's and I know we'd all love to see them!:cutesy:

    It would be so nice if you would post photo's of some of your many winning auctions. It seems we never hear from you after your wins? :amuse: :amuse:

  14. hey SHE,
    i agree with beaux, i would love:yes: to see pix of your new black with silver first, the ice blue city, and turq 05 first you posted you won back in june sometime, as well as the flat brass you posted you won. i hope you still have all these great bal bags! we all like to share our pix here!