04 Black First from a PFer

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  1. Mimz, good luck.:smile: I noticed this bag this morning and my eyes nearly popped out of my head. The black w/ pewter is simply stunning and as classic as one can get. What an amazing find for any lucky buyer.
  2. This bag is so worth the money. My 04 black first with pewter is probably my most favorite b-bag, the leather is simply amazing. Somebody grab this now!

    Good Luck Mimi!
  3. wow mimzzzz:nuts: :love:
  4. Good luck, mimz!!!!!!!!! Oh how I want!
  5. Beautiful!!! Oh i wish I had the money to buy this beauty!!! It looks like its in perfect condition and the pewter hardware...TDF!! I'm seriously in love with this bag. :drool: Good luck!!
  6. Mimz~ I can't believe you're selling this one! You still have your fbf right?

    Good luck with the sale, it's an amazing bag!!!
  7. ^ Aw, of course I do! :heart:

    I love this bag, but I really have an insane amount of classiques (and black!)... so I'm soo happy it is now going to a very loving PF home, so glad I could brighten someone's day with a beautiful bag :love:
  8. good luck mimz...if only i have a bigger bank account;)

  9. Awwww. Thank you very much Mimi.:yes:

    Although I am new to tPF, I am a long time lover of Balenciaga and this IMO is the Holy Grail of Balenciaga Bags. I never thought I would get an 04 First in mint condition! I feel very lucky to be her new owner and promise to take very good care of her.

    Mimi, I will make sure 04 First sends you a postcard from our weekend in Paris in February!
    :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  10. Wow Siri! :yahoo:You have got a real beauty there! Your collection has been growing nicely the last few months! This is a perfect addition....I think you need to post an updated family pic! Congrats sweetie!!;)
  11. Awwww thanks HandbagAddict4Ever:yes: :yes:
    Ink First for you, Black First for me...a good day in the UK!:yahoo: :yahoo:

    Will be sure to post a family picture when my new babies make their way across the pond. You be sure to do the same. xxx
  12. I think we are definitely doing the UK proud with regards to BBag buying!! TPF is just the best place to come and meet fellow bag addicts and it's lovely to see more people from the UK....look forward to seeing your family pic soon hun!:party:
  13. Wow...lucky YOU! I'm so envious. :greengrin: Post pics wearing it!
  14. Many thanks for the kind wishes.

    I told Mimi, DH and I are going to Paris in February, so I thought a picture of me with black 04 First in front of Bal Paris might be a good picture to post!

    Thanks again.:yes: :yes: