04 black city finally!

  1. So I finally received my 04 Black City! The silver hardware is gorgeous! :love: I'm a bit disappointed because the tassels (except the one on the inside of the bag) are not the original ones :sad: and I wasn't informed about it. Oh well, the bag itself is one of my favourite lol! It's the softest leather out of all my bags! Yipeeee :roflmfao: :yahoo:
    Now I'm off to look for black tassels. Any ideas where I can get some?
  2. holy crap! that's a beautiful bag, congratulations.
  3. Very nice Congrats! Oh, Im not sure you cant still get tassels from 04' though.
  4. very beautiful bag.. have fun with it.
  5. i :love: it! congrats, perceph!
  6. CONGRATS!:yahoo:
    That's my dream bag!
  7. True, but I'm sure the current black tassels will do nicely compared to the ones I have :biggrin:
    Does anyone know if I can order tassels from Harvey Nichols or Selfridges? Or do we have to have purchased from them?
  8. The leather seems soooo smooth and buttersoft:love::heart:
  9. I love the silver hardware on bbags. I think I like it much more than the brass.
  10. Ditto.
  11. OMG! That bag is GORGEOUS! I love the silver hw, and the leather looks divine! Congrats and enjoy!
  12. The leather looks scrumptious. Congrats!

    Loving the silver hardware too :heart:
  13. Thanx girls:biggrin:
  14. You and Gwyneth Paltrow are matching!

    Congrats :smile:
  15. congrats percephonie! now we are twins! hehe.