'04 Anis, Mini-Classique

  1. oh, this colour is sooo cute :P
    but this bag is so petite
  2. I LOVE the Anis, but I think my 5 year old would be the only one getting any use out of this one!
  3. agreed winona, i used to have a mini twiggy which can contain a WHOLE lot than this mini classique, but i ended up selling it because it's too small for my needs. i'm working a field work, i need to have EVERYTHING i need in my reach.
  4. I had an apple green mini-moto I loved but it was just too small; did not even work as a going out bag.
  5. I love it, I think it's absolutely adorable - and perfect for evening events, how cute would this be with a little black dress for a special night out?! So rockin'! ;)
  6. *sigh* think if i give this bag a little cup of water with miracle grow and a twirly straw, it might grow up to be a twiggy?

    I love this color.... :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
  7. ^ lol, mocean!!
  8. This little darling has a bid! Yay!
  9. smart... smart bidder... *sigh*
  10. lol mocean... I kept staring at the pictures too and in my head I stretch the pics so it looks more like the First size :lol::roflmfao: Wish it works in real life! Don't worry, mocean, yours will show up soon :flowers:
  11. oh gosh, that is so cute! i'm totally into those mini classiques. the colour is so awesome! i love it! the person who gets this will be so lucky! :lol:
  12. i just saw pics of jdy with her lilac mini and this style is great for going out (or just running errands).
  13. ^ and the color!!!!!! anis is so dimensional, with gorrgeous leather!!!!
  14. I have the Mini-Classique in the Apple Green color. I use it to store pencils/pens and the like ... it gets carried around in my Shopper (for work). I use the Ghost for the same purpose, but it goes into my Weekender for traveling ...