04 Anis City!

  1. Oh, mocean, where are you? Get it!
    PS- Good luck, first!
  2. Good luck 1 !!! This bag is beautiful. ...:P
  3. somebody grab this smooshy baby... it's gorgeous.. gorgeous gorgeous..
  4. :drool: That bag is soooo pretty! :yes:
  5. mocean darling! this is yours!
  6. Thank you ladies for the very nice comments and good wishes :love: ! I think that mocean isn't looking for an anis city anymore ... so good luck to everyone ;) :yes: :flowers:

    Thank you Roxane for posting :kiss:
  7. good luck firstclass! this bag makes my heart stop! gorgeous!

    phooey and didi thanks for thinking of me! :kiss: I'm still actively persuing an anis city or twiggy but on a university student budget! :lol:
  8. Oh I'm sorry 'M' mocean if my comment wasn't correct :shame: - I'll keep open my eyes for you sweetie :yes: :love:
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