'04 Anis City on ebay with $1325 BIN

  1. Thanks Chi!
  2. Chloe...mind sharing why you are letting this one go?
  3. Wow that was fast!
  4. that was fast!

    edit: guess you didn't need any luck.

    did a PFer get it?
  5. Already sold uuuggghhhhhhhh:rant:
  6. Woah - that went quick! Congrats on the sale, chloe!!
  7. I was sooo tempted! Congratulations!
  8. Oh criminy! I was super tempted too! Congrats chloe!
  9. Thanks Ladies....I just found that the color looked really strange with
    my blonde hair and very pale skin, I just wasn't in love.....
  10. Wow congrats to Chloe and whoever the lucky buyer is. That was a super quick sale.
  11. sure was a quick sale
  12. WOW! Before my slow hands could even post this, it was up and sold... congrats on the quick sale and the lucky buyer!
  13. Fast!
  14. LOL! That was fast! Congrats, chloe!:flowers: