'04/05 Metallic MAGENTA city on ebay - $1399

  1. looks like a fun bag to have, but I don't think I could pull off the metallic magenta
  2. wow, i didn't think that bag would go for that much! is it really rare? i've seen a couple of metallics over the past couple weeks.
  3. Wow is right! Such a fun vibrant color! I don't think I could pull it off, though. Maybe in the First size for night time. I can picture someone totally fabulous rockin it, though.:yes:
  4. wow... from a fellow PFers too. congrats on ur selling :P
  5. Wow!! I have the same bag ... $1399 ??? ... hmmmm ... NAH ... I love mine WAY TOO much!!!

    You know the stories of the old ladies that have 50 cats; well I'm going to be the old lady with 50 Balenciaga Bags (oh man ... how sick is that!?!?)

  6. You're not sick CeeJay . . . that's FUN :yahoo: :wlae: :party: :drinkup: :happydance: