03 White Clutch!!!!

Anybody know what the model # is on these? Model # for these clutches isn't not on ateliernaff, and my 04 Pistachio Clutch has a different model # than this 03 White, although the two aren't identical given no wrist strap on the White. Is this legit?
Mine has a strap~ is this white clutch the same as mine?

Can someone chime in on whether this bag is legit? Don't want my buddy Donna bidding if it's not. She's also selling a magenta colored Chloe bag. So are the seller's bags authentic? Anyone?

Here are side by sides of the serial card on mine, and the serial card for the white clutch.

awww deco is always looking out for me! I just love her to pieces! I saw all the tags and I got excited, so I bid...is it supposed to have a strap? I messaged the seller to ask for a size. I was wondering if its the larger version of the coin purse, arent there 2 sizes?