03 White Clutch!!!!

  1. Yeah, I've been watching this one also. I wonder what the reserve is? It looks VERY clean!
  2. no wristlet/handle thingy?
  3. I love this style clutch!
  4. dontcha love it when a sellers says there are marks on it then swear its never been used?...i bid anyway.
  5. Anybody know what the model # is on these? Model # for these clutches isn't not on ateliernaff, and my 04 Pistachio Clutch has a different model # than this 03 White, although the two aren't identical given no wrist strap on the White. Is this legit?
  6. I noticed the lack of strap too... isn't that the clutchiest part of the clutch?:confused1:

  7. haha...LOL!!!:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
    but she does look nice. i'll have to watch that one!
  8. Mine has a strap~ is this white clutch the same as mine?

  9. Zacorey, your clutch is TDF!!! :drool: :drool: is that a 04 lilac?
  10. ^^^Thanks jy!!! Yes, it's lilac '04!
  11. Zacorey, I'm dying over here...that is drop-dead gorgeous! :love: '04 Lilac :heart:
  12. ^^^AWWW~ thanks Rock!!!!!!:heart:
  13. Can someone chime in on whether this bag is legit? Don't want my buddy Donna bidding if it's not. She's also selling a magenta colored Chloe bag. So are the seller's bags authentic? Anyone?

    Here are side by sides of the serial card on mine, and the serial card for the white clutch.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  14. awww deco is always looking out for me! I just love her to pieces! I saw all the tags and I got excited, so I bid...is it supposed to have a strap? I messaged the seller to ask for a size. I was wondering if its the larger version of the coin purse, arent there 2 sizes?