'03 red twiggy on ebay!

  1. It's beautiful! :smile: The best of luck! :love:
  2. What a gorgeous shade of red! Good luck, sweetie!!
  3. that was fast!!!!
  4. yeah it was! congrats firstclass! :yahoo: did a PFer get it? :graucho:
  5. Ohh ...I'm very suprised :wtf: - thank you chigirl for posting and to all of you for the good wishes :shame: :love: !! Yes, this was very fast ! I don't know this buyer so I'm not sure if it's a PFer . . . we will see ;) ! Thanks again ladies :flowers:
  6. gorgeous bag. i can't stop drooling all over it. congrats on your sale.
  7. congrats on your sale, firstclass1!!!!
  8. Congrats first!!!:flowers: That is the most beautiful bag!!!:love:
  9. Ohh that was super fast!!! Congrats firstclass1!! And whoever the lucky buyer is :yahoo:
  10. Congrats!! on a speedy sale! It is a gorgeous bag!
  11. Hi Ladies! Just wanted to say hello. I'm a relative newbie to the forum and have only posted a few times. I'm the super lucky gal to claim this '03 red twiggy. I've been searching for this bag for a while and snatched it up when I saw it. I'm so excited as twiggy is my favorite bbag style and I love the red. Yayyyyy!!! Thanks firstclass!

  12. Oh WOW ... it's YOU :yahoo:!!! CONGRATS benr .... and WELCOME here on the board. I'm very happy the red twiggy found a lovely new home :love::tender:!! I'll ship it tomorrow . . . can't wait to see it on you ;) (greetings to little Irini :choochoo:)
  13. Awwwwwwww ... :shame: thank you guys :flowers::heart: - love you all :love:
  14. Congrats Benr!!! That bag is the best!!!:love: The color is STUNNING!!! :heart: Congrats to you too first!!!!
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