03 Mustard first

  1. I sooo want to get this color. Has anyone seen one anywhere? I know it'll probably be a gazillion dollars and I won't be able to afford it :lol: but figured I'd ask...;)
  2. I love it too. I hope yellow is back for spring 2007!!!
  3. Argh! I want it too lol!
  4. :biguns: hands off perc hands off lol!

    How about I find you your seafoam and you find me the mustard? That would be cooooooll :biggrin: :graucho:
  5. LOL yeh that would be great!
  6. I can't believe it, in March there was one that was listed 3 times and Ceejay got it for a steal.
    Too bad about your timing :sad:
  7. Winona I have terrible luck lol. Keep an eye out for me! Maybe next time I can snag it. Thanks!
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