03 Mastic?...or just really dirty white!?

  1. Ladies - any opinion is welcome! I can't tell if my "new" hobo is supposed to be mastic 03 or just a really dirty 03/04 white. :confused1:

    The mastic i've seen on the swatches seems so much darker but then it's way too "brownish" to be white...any ideas? (AND it's evenly brownish throughout the whole bag)

    Also, the tag just says "Balenciaga"...not "Balenciaga.Paris"
    001.JPG 003.JPG 004.JPG 002.JPG
  2. It's mastic. Beautiful bag!
  3. Here is a photo of my 03 Mastic Hobo


    And of the label


    I think your label looks just like mine. :yes:
  4. Ooh! Thanks Violet and Lovelygarment!!
  5. congrats aimee! lovely!
  6. Oh, it's quite lovely, what a find!
  7. The title made me giggle. lol. It's a gorgeous mastic.
  8. Aimky, enjoy your new to you bag! You won't find any better leather than on these 03 hobos! Just like silk, buttahed silk!
  9. Yep. That's a gorgy Mastic allright!!:tup:

  10. oh wow... thats REALLY NICE mastic! what a diff to this seasons mastic!