03 linen & patent city BIN 450

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  1. That's a relist - last time it had the same BIN for $599, but the starting bid was $450.
  2. oooh, now it's been lowered to $450 BIN... I love the texture of the linen...
  3. Kinda quite awesome. I'm not enough of a collector to buy it, but the BIN is so low, even I am tempted to!
  4. i love the linen/patent combo. I didnt even notice before, but it has WHITE hardware! thats a new one.
  5. I really like the linen as well, but I know that the bag would immediately attract a large and dark stain
  6. It looks like it needs ironing.
  7. ^ Ronda, it is supposed to be all wrinkly and smushy like that - it is part of the look. I personally find these '03 linen bags soo cool, they have the most awesome texture and appearance that really compliments the motorcycle style, and in my opinion it is the coolest version of the non-leather bags. I also think the patent adds an amazing edge (especially since patent is ridiculously hot for S/S '07!) and surprisingly (in my experience) they are pretty durable and easy to wear!
  8. I know . . . it's just me with linen. I won't even buy clothing that's partly linen because -- even though it's supposed to wrinkle -- I feel uncomfortable with the creases. I think it looks great on other people, but awful on me!
  9. ^ Aw, I can understand completely! I am big on texture though, so I guess that is where I get it from (and also why I adore wrinkly leather :lol:)