'03 Lilac Hobo/messenger!!

  1. *drools on keyboard*

    gorgeous... *computer fritzes*
  2. it's amazing !!!!!!!!!
    Mimz sorry you have to let her go!!! :crybaby: :crybaby:
  3. OMG ... such a pretty and very rare messenger-bag in a really AMAZING color: the '03 LILAC :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: - anybody ... go for it !!!

    GOOD LUCK with your sale MiMi love :flowers: :love:
  4. DROOLING!!!! It's TDF!!!:love:
  5. Wowza! What a beauty! good luck on the sale. What is the favorite dream bag that you are referring to in the listing?
  6. Good luck, Mimz. It's gorgeous. :heart:
  7. pretty!! Good luck with your sale~MIMZ!
  8. I can't believe you're letting this baby go Mimz!!! You must have found quite a beauty, can't wait to see what it is!!!
  9. Oh dear that bag is amazing.:nuts: I have no self control and I might have to bid.:shame:

    Would this bag look silly on a petite person, I am only 5'2?
  10. ^^^I think this is a bag everyone could wear. The strap is adjustable.
  11. ROTFL!!!:roflmfao: My thoughts exactly, though! :tender:

    MiMi, it's gorgeous! Good luck!:flowers:
  12. Thanks zacorey, I put it on my watch list. The more I look at it the more I want it.:yes:

    I really prefer the pewter hardware, will they ever go back to using it?
  13. I am not a lilac girl but, as Mimi knows, I love this bag, especially the color. It just has that soft vintage look that the new lilac lacks (i have nothing against the new lilac but I don't think they are at all similar). Then there is the leather, the style, the pewter hardware. Of all the bbags I have seen IRL and in pics, this is definitely in my top 3. I just think it is so unique. Goodluck to whoever bids (and to Mimi)!

    btw Mimi, love the pics!
  14. oh, mimi, you take such good care of your b-bags! this is in great condition and BEAUTIFUL!!! good luck!