03 Khaki City - BIN $900

oh, she's a beauty, so pre-loved.....thanks for posting, slinks!
but wasn't this one sold too awhile ago already? (sorry, if i'm mistaken-i must really be losing it....)
You know, BooYah, I know I've seen this specific bag being auctioned off a bunch of times, but I never followed the auctions to see what happened... could be dodgy, could be capricious Ebay again. The world may never know.
Nothing dodgy, ladies. I bought this bag the first time it was listed, and returned it because it's corners have been reinforced by leather sewn on to it. It's been professionally done, but I didn't like the alteration. the seller was very nice, professional and responsive. Took the bag back without question and refunded right away. She had not noticed the corners, as she's selling a bag she got from a friend. this listing discloses the restoration.