03 caramel motorcycle bag

  1. I know very little about Balenciaga Bags, I guess. I just sold my 03 Caramel bag on e-bay for $700. I had no clue it was worth much more.
    Well, at least I made $$$ on it. I bought it from Portero several months ago for $200!
  2. What? :nuts: Someone was very lucky! This color is one of my HGs!
  3. :graucho:
  4. ^ Deco, it's youuuu? :woohoo::wlae: Congrats, girl!
  5. BLIMEY!!! :nuts:
  6. $200??? I'm going to start stalking Portero now!
  7. post pics? or a link to the ended auction, i'm dying to see!
  8. What's portero????
    I'd love to see pics, too!
  9. Portero.com is the site. They sell bags for other people-consignment. I just happened to see this bag one day and thought wow I can get a b-bag for around $200. I never carried it as I have several other bags the same size...same color. Chloe python silverado, Kooba claudia in caramel, J Choo maddy. I'm glad someone else got a deal too and it was a fellow tPF girl!
  10. :mad:

  11. :p

    Yes, danae sweetie, I got it. :shame: Glad the nice seller made a equally nice profit. She was honest about the condition of the bag, including darkened handles, but heck... my 02 Caramel FBF has darkened handles too and I still love it.

    I will post pics when it arrives.:wlae:
  12. Congratulations to Deco and the seller! They both are very happy!!! Can't wait to see the photos when your 03 arrives! The 03 caramel and leather are just TDF!
  13. OMG I have been obssessing over the carmel color for months now, I have to have one in city.
  14. What a great deal! I'm glad you both did well on the sale.