03 Caramel City!!!-1050

  1. :wtf: :wtf:
  2. oh goodness..that bag is soooooooo tempting...
  3. I think someone was looking for this but I can't remember who, was it you powderpuff?
  4. probably right, I'd think powder, she's on a mission for all vintage leather bbags. I'm almost tempted to break my purseban over this, but that would just be obscene.
  5. it says its no longer available...who got it?
  6. oh I hope powder had time to see it and get it...
  7. yayayayayay :yahoo: :yahoo:

    IT WASN'T ME!!:yahoo: :yahoo: I'm starting to get real good at this self control thing (I have not choice... no cash-money left).

    Powder, I hope you got it! Assuming you wanted it, I'm being presumptuous...
  8. That was a great deal for an 03 bag! Whoever got it, congrats and enjoy!
  9. Sigh, I would have loved this... I console myself by the thought that she wouldn't have shipped intl. anyway... :crybaby: