03 Blue vs 04 Dark Turquoise *Help me decide please!*

  1. I've wanted an 03 Blue for some time and the opportunity has presented itself to me. But I have an 04 Dark Turquoise and no funds at all:sad:

    Should I sell the o4 Dark Turquoise in order to get the 03 Blue or should I just keep my Dark Turquoise? Both are the same size bag.

    I feel like if I pass up the 03 Blue, I'll never see it again. But then again, I've never seen an 04 Dark Turquoise up for sale aside from mine. Either way, it's a almost once in a lifetime thing.

    Having both is not an option though :crybaby::crybaby:
  2. Flip a coin :confused1:

    Sounds like you really want it both ways...

    What does your gut tell you?
  3. From LP's color swatch I like the blue 03 more, I like lighter color anyways so maybe it's just me. However I never seen any of them IRL so I don't really know :shame:
  4. liz - is there any way that you can pay for the 03 blue, get it, and then decide which to sell when you have both the bags in front of you? Or you'll have to sell the 04 dark turquoise before you can pay for the 03 blue?
  5. Get the o3 for the color and hardware. Isn't dark turq. from 05 or is there another blue that looks like it?
  6. 04DarkTurquoiseCity.jpg


    These are the two colours, for anyone needing a visual. I think you're thinking of the 05 turquoise cordova.:yes:

    ETA: Sadly, neither of these are mine. I'm just a picture collector.
  7. God im not sure I could decide! They are different for different reasons that 03 blue is to die for though...........
  8. You are totally correct dahhhling. :flowers::flowers::flowers: Thanks!
    Ive missed that one along the way. Still love the 03. Congrats to you. What a great find!
  9. Tough decision, but in the 2 pics above they are similar...
    Go with the one you just feel stronger about...
  10. I like the dark turquoise better.
  11. I like the dark turquoise in the first and the 03 blue in the larger bags..... I dont really think you could go wrong either way though...
  12. Personally I'm partial to the 04, but then, I have that exact bag in the pic lol. I get tons of compliments on it as the vibrancy of the blue really sets off the pewter.

    The 03 colors tend to be more "washed out" than the 04. More nuetral.

    But I prefer the lilac 03 over the 04 for it's chameleon like tones in different lighting.

    You can't go wrong either way. Just depends on your final preference. Like when I had the 03 and 04 lilacs in my hot little hands, I'm sure people couldn't believe I was passing on the 04.
  13. Both have silver Pewter hardware. I would have to sell 04 before buying 03. Don't want to have a :push: moment if the 04 doesn't sell and I bought the 03.

    I haven't seen 03 in real life, but this one looks a bit teal/CB ish and I already have a CB Shrug.

    I'm feeling a bit attached to the Dark Turquoise but I also want to see 03 Blue IRL.

    BF likes 03 Blue more. LOL.
  14. According to the pics shown here I like 03 blue better...
  15. The 03 is actually darker (at least the one I'm watching).