03 Blue Classique First

  1. O M G... i have been looking for that color EVERYWHERE... but in the city size! that's the blue that kate moss has her voyage in... GORGEOUS!!!!
  2. OMG!!! love it :hysteric:
  3. Yes the color is to TO DIE FOR and love, love the hardware too! To find this in a city would be incredible for sure.
  4. its so beautiful......
  5. fantastic color! good luck on your sale, mimi!
  6. As an aside to this stunning (gah!) bag mimi - the auction says you have this colour in other styles. Er....pictures!!! :biggrin: Please?
  7. aw, thanks guys! ;) -- english, I do...... :shame: ---- I'll take some photos of the others one of these days, I promise!!!!!!!!.........
  8. Oh yes, would love to see this color is other styles...
  9. I'll hold you to that!;) I've wondered forever what this colour looked like IRL - its stunning! Good luck with your sale.
  10. :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: OMG!!! what a beautiful bag!!! Blue is my all time FAV colour!!! :love: i hope it finds a loving home, mimz
  11. I was just coming here to post....ebay is hopping with good stuff! Wow, that bag is simply amazing! Good luck!!
  12. This has to be one of the prettiest bags ever. Love the color and the silver hardware!
  13. That color really makes the silver hardware POP! Gorgeous :love:
  14. This is the most beautiful color/hardware combo I've ever seen.
    Good luck with your sale!