03 Black city back from ArtBag!

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    and BETTAH than EVAH!
    :heart: :heart:
  2. before pictures:


    The piping was torn through to the piping, all the edges were split and fraying, the leather was kind of tough and dirty, the buckles had major rubbing on them... it was just about dead when I got it in my hands- and I was kind of afraid it wouldnt be able to be beautiful again... but the body of the bag was in great condition, the handles were fine and the interior was perfect- so I knew it could be repaired somehow...

    so I called/emailed a BUNCH of places and had several recommendations from members (thanks ladies, you rock!) here for ArtBag- so I sent them pics and their evaluation was expensive, but I'd heard good things about them not getting too crazy with paint or conditioners, being more about continuing the quality of the leather, not just masking the flaws... so I sent it to them. and then almost 6 weeks later :wtf: it came back!!!! and it was SO WORTH IT!

    I was getting all - :crybaby: about it- forgetting how much I LOVED bbags and how fabulous they are in person... BUT THATS ALL FORGOTTEN NOW! :yahoo: Artbag did an EXCELLENT job! It looks brand now, the rubbing on the buckles is PERFECT AGAIN, the torn piping is REPLACED, the spliting seams are SEALED! and all shiny and soft and squishy and delicious and perfect! I'm soooo HAPPY!

    I'm gonna go take pics right now of it post-repair!
  3. woooooooooooo-whoooooooooo, congrats girl, how i :heart: new york, new york :wlae:...i tell you what, they can do anything in this amazing city!!!
  4. AFTER!


    Its sooo wonderful now! I cant stop fondling it... ahaha that sounds bad, but it's true!
  5. Wow - that's AMAZING what they did!! I'll keep them in mind in case I ever need some work done on my bags!

    May I ask how much such a big repair cost?
  6. it cost 350 or so plus shipping to have it repaired. :yes:

    totally worth it.

    eta: they used a soft nappa leather for the piping edge repair that has the EXACT same feel, thickness and texture as the rest of the bag, so soft! I'm in love... :heart: :love:
  7. If that isn't a work of magic I don't know what is!!

    Simply stunning!! The replaced piping is equally smooshy and delicious!!
    Definitely worth every penny and the wait!!

    Does artbags have a website?
  8. That is amazing!! Was this originally your bag or did you get it in this condition? So glad they were able to make it usable again!!
  9. YESSSSS!!!! OMG, Mocean, sooo excited :yahoo:

    I LOVE the texture on that bag... my heart!!!! :love:
  10. i want..need...1....gorgeous!!!!!:nuts: :drool: :heart:
  11. worth every penny!
    man, you can't beat the older bags.
    CONGRATS!!! :yahoo:
  12. Oh my god, just LOOK at that LEATHER!!! That is an unbelievable bag, mocean! It looks to me like they actually replaced that entire strip of leather that covers the edges and re-stitched it - is that correct? If so... that would have terrified me, because I'm anal about top-stitching, but it looks perfect! I'm sooo impressed!
  13. oooh, honestly it was my pleasure :love: you deserve it!!!!! :heart:

    anyways, do you know what i absolutely love about it? the leather.... it almost looks like the texture the pebbled bags have, just adore it!!!!!
  14. they did replace the entire piping leather all the way around! it was torn ALL the way through and I was soooo scared and I must have pissed the hell outta the artbag guy with all my questions about keeping the integrity of the bag, not ruining the texture or feel, the stitching, the sealing... I talked for like 15 minutes before I'd let him get a word in! hahaha! it came out so well! I'm ECSTATIC with how it came out! *does cartwheels and somersaults* (online not IRL, b/c I'm just not that coordinated)

    :love: :yahoo: