'02 or '03 Caramel Suede Zippered Long Strap First

  1. eBay: AUTHENTIC Womens BALENCIAGA Handbag/Purse Brown Leather (item 220050204172 end time Nov-23-06 20:24:55 PST)

    I have one of these and it is such a cool bag, very different, but definitely Balenciaga. The DH thinks it looks like a cowgirl bag and when I was a little girl I wanted to be exaclty that (to "teach cows how to cross the street") was my first occupation of choice. Well, I may not be a cowgirl now, but at least I can wear a tassled bag about town feeling like one ;o)
  2. Cute bag. I like it but suede scares me. We have so many sudden tropical showers and suede doesn't do well here.
  3. ^ Opps, I didn't mean to say this bag was suede, it is actually distressed leather, like vintage aviator jacket leather but my bag in this style is suede.
  4. I think it is a suede, actually - I've seen this finish in person and it's a bit hard to describe but close up it looks/feels like it is suede with a crackle glaze over it. I'm not sure how it's done - it's like a shortcut to the run-over-by-a-motorcycle effect.
  5. OMG! Finally a B bag I could afford :wtf: !!! Damn I love it!!! Just gotta cross my fingers that it doesn't get too high :crybaby:

    I just emailed the seller to ask if they would ship to Canada, since on the page it says they won't! Argh.... I hate un-neighbor friendly auctions :Push:
  6. I have that in black, and it's my fave BBag. Must resist!
  7. Too bad, they don't ship outside the US.
    I love that bag, someone should get it
  8. What do you think about the seller's feedback? Lots of problems with shipping and at least one person claims they never got their item!
  9. nextnewface .... Were you the winner of the bag?
  10. ^ Nah, I had unexpected visitors and was totally kept away from the computer!!!

    Besides, it finished at 400$ not too bad for a b bag but way out of my league for now :Push: I hope it was someone here!!! That would be rather possible, cause the winner is quite the B bag collector!!! :nuts: