~'02 Long Strap Caramel Suede Zipper First BIN $275

  1. What a steal!!!!! Is this the same size as the city?
  2. It's a first size...i just got a similar one ...mine is the same color, but typical motorcycle first hardware....the suede on this is divine! So soft and lovely.

    For this one the suede looks a bit dirty but the price seems to reflect that...can suede be cleaned up?
  3. Damn...I wish it were similar to the city!!! Was this the only size this bag came in?
  4. there is a bigger size with more zippers and stuff. I wish this was black. I would :heart: this in black. it's very weird and rocker, and I'm all about that!
  5. Hey moc...I have the larger black suede hobo version...check out the Documenting Leather Variations thread page 7 for pics if you're interested in seeing it. it looks much better in person....it's a very well made (even looks handmade) bag
  6. I think a professional could make the suede like new again for about $100. It's hard to do it yourself...takes so much elbow grease along with the suede eraser and brush thing.
  7. Is the winner here? Congrats!!!
  8. wow that was quick...it's a great deal for whoever won
  9. yeah, what a great deal! i love this offshoot of the moto style.... really cool!
  10. :blush: I snapped it up, I am fast becoming addicted to Bbags having just joined PF. I couldn't pass up the chance to own a piece of B-history. Thank you, RockSteady, for posting it.
  11. Congrats Petitcherie!!!:yahoo: You got a steal!!! Welcome to the PF!;)
  12. congrats!!! i have a suede bbag (classique) that is this color (or maybe the shade darker). regardless, the suede is really nice and not as delicate as other suede bags i have seen. you will really love it!
  13. woooooooooo-whoooooooooo, congrats on your great find Petitcherie :yahoo: