02 Flat Brass First SP 999

  1. Gorgeous! Good luck, Amour!
  2. thanks ladies:yes: :heart:
  3. WOW ..... another rare beauty :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: - I'm speechless :drool: !!!!

    Good luck with your sale 'N' Amour :flowers: :love:
  4. Avery! could this be yours?
  5. Lovely:heart:Good luck Amour!
  6. I just saw this, and thought the very same thing! Avery, where are you??
  7. Hey ladies, thanks for thinking of me!:love: I have been super busy with school these past few weeks and have really missed checking out this sub-forum. As for the fbf, I am interested but I'll have to see what happens with the bidding...
  8. ^^Sorry if that sounded fickle, it's just that I have been using my black '03 first (w/ the silver hardware) a lot and have been really loving it, so I don't feel as desperate as I did before (and I can't justify paying $1600 for a used bag so I am waiting for a good price).

    Good luck though with the sale Nhelle!
  9. It's a lovely bag....Why has a b-bag been eluding Me!!!! I want a CITY.
  10. No bids yet... oh wait, what is this sound I hear? "Avery.... avery!....."
    Avery, this bag is calling for you! :angel:
  11. what happened? :confused1:
  12. AWWW...

    I was watching this one :sad:
  13. i'm really surprised no one picked this up
  14. I can't believe it didn't go!!! :wtf: I forgot to check it and I just saw this now! (I decided I am going to wait for a first season fbf since I am enjoying my '03 first, but thanks for thinking of me!). That was a REALLY good price though!!.:love: :love: