02 Flat Brass Caramel Classique BIN $1699

  1. hmmmmmmmmmmm, looks like maybe lvlady bought Amour's bag (?) :shrugs:
  2. Nope...Decophile bought Amour's bag. This is a different caramel flat brass...what are the chances of that?? :upsidedown: I would love to see LvLady's cache of B-bags...I suspect when they don't sell, she shelves them and brings them out later.
  3. I saw this listing when I was looking at the Green Day... :heart: It's so pretty!! I'm sure it will make someone really happy to BIN and take me out of my misery. :love:
  4. What does it mean when sellers say "it's no longer available for sale?" sorry if question is naive... eBay newbie here..
  5. ^^^She ended the listing. She most probably sold it off eBay to someone.

    I think her olive city is so nice!
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