02 first compared to later years?

  1. I just received a beautiful flat brass caramel 02 and love it! And I know the strap is longer, but is the bag itself actually bigger? And by how much? Now I'm thinking of buying another, but I briefly had one last year and thought it too small. Insight?
  2. yay, congrats on your new flat brass girl!!! :yahoo:...the '01 & '02 classiques' body is bigger than the firsts'...both my flat brass pebbled & my flat brass caramel were bigger than my '04, '05 & '06 firsts...you should be able to hold a bit more inside ;)
  3. Thanks aaallabama :wlae:
    But how much bigger? An inch?
  4. ohh someone with an 02 and newer one take/post pictures ?so we can all drooool over your pretty bags :drool:
  5. Congrats sunspark!!! Welcome to the fbf family....i do have the 02 caramel fbf first as well, the size is definitely bigger than the other first....probably by an inch i guess, but didn't really measure it....can someone do a favour on this? thanks
  6. :yahoo:
    Pretty please post pictures!!! Congratulations!!!
  7. congrats!

  8. How does the flat brass compare to 03 first?:smile: