02 Caramel FB Flap from a pfer

  1. cute never seen that before!!
  2. awe, i sold this to julie on e-bay a few weeks ago & can attest to it's beauty :tender:...this leather literally melts in your hands when you touch it...i never truly understood the meaning of the phrase "like butta" 'till i felt this bag :love:
  3. Thanks girls, i will say; THIS LEATHER IS THE BEST!!
    thanks for posting!:heart:
  4. aaa, it is like "BUTTA!"
  5. *bumpity bump*

    If you want a camel or caramel colored bag, get this one ladies.
    It is a one of a kind very special bag.:yes:
  6. This is a gorgeous bag! I've bought too many bags lately, but I'd love to get one of these in the future.
  7. I don't have one of these, but the belted hobo that I just got from the same season has the most amazing leather... price is really reasonable for this one, so anyone lusting after the older leather, go for it!
  8. Oh slinks...... I see your hobo in your avatar. Congratulations! :drool:

    I hope one of these makes its way home to me soon.... :love:

    The leather on this and the flap are in a class of their own, also the quality of the bag is superb. Mine has definitely been loved, but it shows so new still, but vintage at the same time. KWIM?
    Everytime I look at my flap I'm amazed at how soft and supple it is..... the leather is just so fresh and new still. It seems as though the leather will never dry out. Oh...... I think I'm getting the urge to show off it's beauty.

    Somebody get this caramel before I talk myself into it!!!!!!:nuts:
  9. I love mine... amazingly soft leather you are so right bella
  10. What a great bag!!