02 Brown Flat Brass Classique!!

  1. I'm sure this one will go fast...good luck ladies!
  2. Gosh, that's a beauty!
  3. Aaarrrrrrrghhhhhhhhh
  4. Oh.. OHH....
  5. omg so who got it?!!!
  6. WOW!! :shocked:
  7. Looks like it was a PFer!
    Congrats, m1gr31n! you've been looking for an FB bag, and what a nice one this is!
  8. congrats, m! So cool!
  9. CONGRATS pfer! I wasn't surprised to see her name as the winner.:yes:

    It is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!:supacool:
  10. wow! $1699!

  11. wow, what a beauty! congratulations, m1gr31n! you've waited a long time for this.
  12. Congrats m1gr31n!!

    You finally got yaself a dream FB bag! And such a beauty too!!!! :drinkup:
  13. Slinks, when I saw the detailed pics your caramel FBF, I knew I wanted one...my search in NY was not fruitful so I had to resort to ebay. I still have your tips on file and I'll try my luck next time for a FBH. :flowers:

    Skimatic10, thanks for posting the link...:flowers:

    LP, hmmm......:love: I'll remain forever grateful....atelier.naff is the best...I'll be so b-bag clueless without you...thanks so much.

    And to everyone, thank you, thank you, thank you...I'll post pics when I receive my new baby...
  14. a caramel flat brass is the ultimate classic! just gorgeous :heart: you're going to loooove it!!!!!!!!