'02 Beige Suede arrived - SO HAPPY!!!

  1. :yahoo: YAY!!!!!!!!

    Super fast shipping!! - Our fellow PF'er Purse-OoooH is the best E-bay'er I have ever met! Paid the Item friday night - and today she was delivered at my doorstep - And I just can't get my :yahoo:down!!!

    I :heart: It !!

    I know many of you have seen the bag before, but I'll post pics anyway as soon as I can grab my camera....
  2. I second that~ Purseooohhhhh is the greatest!!!:heart: :yahoo:Congrats on the gorgeous bag! Can't wait to see pictures!!!!!:yahoo:
  3. She completely rocks, doesn't she? Fasting shipping on the planet. I think she has "connections" with the PO. They must borrow the Batmobile for deliveries! LOL!!!
  4. Forgot...post pics ASAP!!! :yes:
  5. Here we go ;)

    Here she is with the Sweet TPF Charm (Goes perfect with her as she has silver hardware)

    Here she is on my shoulder - works perfect with the longer shoulder strap!!

    Cross-over, back


    Can You see Why I absolutely LOOOOOOOVE her !!!
  6. And... The last one, - I promise :yes:


    She is to tough - works perfect with jeans - and a Tank top this summer... I like it!! I mostly wear dresses, but I sometimes like the whole baggy-pants casual look, and with this she is awesome!! I can also imagine that she works perfect with a white babydoll dress and wegdes..

    I'm so in :love: with her, I can't even begin to describe it, she is so much better, than I had ever hoped for!!! YAY!!!
  7. LOVE IT!!!!

    You are rocking it! I just sold mine in a slightly darker suede because I got the exact same color with the longer strap in a more distressed suede leather .....kind of like a bomber jacket..with the silver hardware and long strap ....I love it so much!!! I love the bbag look with the slightly hardier leather..

    You really look great with it:smile:
  8. Holy moly, girl! You look HOT with that bag:nuts:!!!
    It looks to be in perfect condition, wow, what a score. Love your hair too;)

  9. :blush: THANK YOU!!! Yeah I am so amazed, I think I just found my HG without even knowing this was it!! FANTASTIC :yahoo: Now I can go back to Denmark in 8 days feeling satisfied... Mission accomplished - I wont need a new bag until VIOLET comes along in August.. :sweatdrop:
  10. That bag is insanely gorgeous!!!:love::love::love: It looks fabulous on you!!!!!!!!!:heart:
  11. You look FANTASTIC with your *new* baby girl!

  12. Damn MissM - That bag looks amazing on you!!!!! :wtf:

    Thanks to everyone for your amazing compliments!! I feel like I had my 15 minutes of fame!!!! I sure needed it too!! ;)
  13. HAHA!!! Here I am! Ready to deliver MissM's holy grail!!! :p
  14. WOW!!!! Your bag is so hot, looks great on you. I love it! Congrats : )
  15. Hilarious Purseooooooh!