01 pebbled classique on ebay - it's killing me!

  1. OMG... I think I need to sell a bag for this one... this is killing me too... it is soo gorgeous...
  2. Someone must get it quick!!
  3. OMG!!!! What an amazing bag! I want it!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Wow

  5. OMG!!! *drooling all over the keyboard*...it's beautiful!!!!! :love: :love: :love:
  6. I would sell all of my bags to have that one! I love it! If only I had time to sell them all first...
  7. I'm speechless :amazed::cool: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go girls ..... gooooooo ... someone of you MUST grab it IMMEDIATELY .... before all our lovely ladies are killed (softly) ;):lol: ! GOOD LUCK everyone :love:
  8. Gorgeous! Go get it someone!
  9. Where does Dude get all of these bags? I wonder if she sells on consignment for her friends, maybe?

    It is lovely!
    Someone get this!!
  11. ooh, thanks God i'm not a fans of pebbled leather or i would get hysterical like u girls :P
  12. WOW...amazing! Who will get this then?
  13. This is the ultimate balenciaga. I bow down to whoever wins such a rare original. :rochard:
  14. Good luck girls! I hope someone from here gets it!!
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