'01 - '02 Flat Brass

  1. Does anyone know if there are any flat brass avialable anywhere? i know there are two on eBay but i am looking for black. help please. i just lost out on 2 auctions for it and am desperate. lol. and a little irritated
  2. Just be patient, my dear! :yes: You will get your fbf - it may take a little while, but they pop up on eBay on a regular basis...just keep watching and waiting. I'll PM you if I learn of any lurking about on any auction sites. It took me seven months to find mine, but it was so worth the wait. And I appreciate her even more than if she would have just been handed to me.
  3. i know. ahhh ive been going crazy for this bag. searching like a mad lady. i really do i find one soon. until then i will continue on with this madness. lol
  4. I'll e-mail you right away if I see one pop up anywhere. :smile: