0 stamped question

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  1. I bought the gorgeous buckle bag which is 0 stamped. Nor the SA or me could see what was wrong with the bag. The tag said "scratched buckle", but the buckles are pristine. The only thing I could see is that the strap is made of 2 pieces of leather. You can barely see this, and I don't mind this at all.
    I only worry as the strap is made of 2 pieces, the stiches might at one point loosen. It seems all very sturdy and I don't think it will happen, but you never know.
    Will the bag be not repaired at all in this case as it is 0 stamped, or can it be repaired at my cost?

  2. Hi Loveheart - if you look at Mo's Thread on Zero Stamped bags in the ref section I'm sure I read that 0 will be repaired...but don't know about cost and whether you have to foot all, or part, of the bill...:smile:
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    Hi Loveheart,

    Your bag is covered by the usual 12 month warranty. Only the thing that has caused it to be stamped 0 will not be covered...in this case the buckle.
    If the strap were to come apart, as it is not mentioned on your ticket (or I presume receipt) it would be repaired under warranty.

    If a problem occurred with the faulty part you could pay to have it repaired, though in some instances, the nature of the fault may render it irreparable IYKWIM....

    Hope that helps?
  4. Moo, do you know how if you were to get a bag repaired that was stamped O how they would know what the fault was that resulted in the O stamp? I bought a sub recently and have no idea why it is stamped O. It is not on my receipt..
  5. Hi Sue,

    If there is nothing written on the ticket or receipt indicating the cause for your bag being 0 or 00 stamped, repairs under warranty are at the discretion of Shepton Mallet.....bit vague I know :smile:
  6. Thanks Mo
    There is no info on the receipt about the fault. I only have a tag stating "scratched buckle".
    Pretty vague indeed, how do they know what the fault is, I am sure it is deffo not the buckle despite the tag
  7. Often the cause for a bag being stamped is lost, the SAs frequently struggle to identify the issue and if there's nothing apparent I wouldn't worry.

    I have a couple of 0 stamped bags and have been over them so frequently - the best thing I could identify was a tiny spot of inking where it shouldn't be.

    When I asked about this both Shepton and Customer Services said repairs would be at the discretion of the repair team. If there was no glaring fault previously and there's nothing on your receipt, they would most likely repair it under warranty...