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  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm currently selling a Chanel bag on ebay, lve just had a pretty good offer from a buyer who had just joined ebay this month and has (0) feedback. Should l totally steer clear of this buyer?
    Are there any ways of protecting myself from any scams etc. ?

    Does feedback make a massive difference to a potential transaction?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  2. Feedback does make a difference. Someone with a solid positive eBay reputation is a safer bet IMO. A seasoned buyer might be a bit more discerning and demanding but is not likely to be a scammer. Zero feedback buyers are often fine and if it was a lower end item, I'd say go for it. But Chanel is seems to be a magnet for scammers so I probably wouldn't.
  3. Thank you. That was my concern, if it was an item of smaller value it wouldn't bother me however it will be the most expensive thing l have ever sold on ebay.
  4. I don't allow 0 feedback buyers. I know that plenty of people say they are fine and no more risky than more regular eBayers, but my baseline feeling is, let them get their eBay training somewhere else. With a zero FB bidder, I don't have any basis for judging important things--like will they pay, will they not waste my time, will they think of my listing as shopping at a department store and be likely to try a return, etc.
  5. I'd contact the buyer, and just start a conversation, explain you're cautious with 0 feedback buyers. See how they react. If something seems off, cancel. If things feel normal, let the sale happen.

    Everyone starts out at 0 feedback at one point or another, or the person might be starting a new account to separate their buying and selling accounts.

    I think it's fair to be cautious of new members. But new members can be good buyers and sellers.
  6. This is a sensitive subject to discuss for both sellers & buyers with zero feedback.

    While we all had to start somewhere, for many,times are a bit different now then
    before when scammers didn't seem to be as prevalent (certainly not suggesting that
    your buyer is one) as they are now.

    One has to do what you are most comfortable with. If this is an international
    transaction probably would not go through because this is a Chanel bag & a high
    ticket item, but you have to make that decision as to what seems best for you.

    No easy place to be in, but follow your instincts because they are usually spot on.
  7. Thanks to everyone for great feedback. I lost a lot of sleep on this one last night. I declined their offer even though it was a great offer. I do have a bad feeling about the sale. I realise we all start with zero but for them to become a member in the past week plus the fact it's a large $$$ transaction, l just can't risk anything going wrong. It wasn't an international sale but still from another state to where lm from.
  8. on the other hand....I just sold a high end designer bag to a person with zero feedback...I was anxious, but, we have had several messages going back and forth and she seems to be "normal"...she, herself, said she was anxious purchasing a high ticket item....I took lots of pics and have a "paper trail" of messages sent back and forth so hopefully it won't be an issue....
  9. If you have a "bad feeling"it's best to go with your gut .No one can tell you
    that you are right or wrong if you don't want to sell to a buyer with zero feedback.

    You are selling a Chanel bag & there usually is a customer for Chanel.

    The right buyer will come along as they usually do & here's to a
    transaction that you can "feel good about"...
  10. #10 May 21, 2016
    Last edited: May 21, 2016
    The first thing I ever bought off eBay was a Chanel. 0 feedback, 0 experience. I'm a pretty awesome person though😜
    But! The first thing I ever sold on eBay was a different Chanel. And the buyer was such a nightmare, it was the last time I ever did anything on eBay.
  11. I am a fairly new buyer- I don't have tons of feedback either as I don't buy as much. I'm glad sellers took a chance on me and were nice enough to leave good feedback. I agree looking at feedback is a good indication but I also believe good communication between a buyer and seller should be equally important. I talk a lot with my sellers and let them get a feel for me and vice versa. I have never had a seller decline my sale. Feedback in conjunction with communication and ur gut feeling is a good tool to use, but I would never use it solely to judge a buyer unless they had lots of negative feedback. If sellers did this to me, I would never get a start and they would have missed out on a pleasant, fast paying, smooth transaction sale. Oh and I also leave feedback, that are as detailed as I can get- not just one line answers like "good seller".
    My 2 cents.
  12. Enough said in a a way IYKWIM

    You may have been awesome but that doesn't mean every buyer has the
    potential to be like you..

  13. just wanted to follow up and let you all know that the transaction was great on both sides and she left glowing feedback and I did the same...I guess we all do have to start somewhere...
  14. So glad to hear your transaction went well!!
  15. I really don't blame you. I would have done the same. Good luck with the sale of your bag!