0 feedback buyer?

  1. I have a buyer with 0 feedback and I think a recent screenname change. (Is that what the little gold man on the side stands for?) She first contacted me through ebay email about paying through bidpay, which was alright with me and I set up a bidpay account. But after that she started contacting me at just my email address and asked me if I can stop the auction early.

    Is that fishy or am I just paranoid? :confused1:
  2. She may be new to ebay and just hasn't learned fully how things work. If she's asking you to end the auction early it may be b/c she doesn't want the price to go up........but the purpose of selling on ebay is to get as much $$$ as you can.

    Maybe she doesn't have bad intentions and just doesn't know. Not sure what the gold man is for.
  3. I agree, the buyer probably doesnt want the peice to go up. We were all once 0 feedback buyers on ebay! :yes:
  4. You guys are totally right, the seller ended up emailing me and said she was a first time buyer. So whew. I was just completely paranoid with all these horrible stories of scammers. I guess I shouldn't always assume the worst in people! :smile::smile:
  5. hmm, zero feedback is onme thing but sugesting another means of payment and asking you to end the auction is sketchy.
  6. i'm the buyer ^_^~... the "0 feedback buyer"... but yeah i don't have paypal since of all the horror stories i've heard...!! wanted to use bidpay... and HEY doesn't hurt to ask to end the auction early at the starting price... right??.. :smile:

  7. the gold man means she just created an account in the past 30 days. I think you're just being paranoid, but I would tell the buyer that I would let the auction run it's course, but they are free to bid if they'd like.
  8. Yep eping's the bidder, and I've decided to end the auction early just because I'd rather my bag go to an awesome PFer like herself. :smile: I was just being paranoid, you have to be very cautious these days on ebay!
  9. cool. Paypal acutally benfits the buyers, lol! you can pay instalty and you can file a dispute if the sale goes wrong. Buyers almost always win disputes because of the way Paypal's rules are set up. The nightmares begin when you're the seller, lol!