0 Feedback bidders/winners: What to say when contacting?

  1. I have a tote bag ending soon and currently a 0 feedback member (registered since August) is the high bidder. If he/she wins, would you suggest that I contact them to make sure they are genuine, or just wait for payment? And if I do contact them, what would I say without sounding rude? "Are you a genuine buyer " is a bit rude lol. :shame:
  2. I would contact them now. Just say something like, "Hello, I noticed you are new to eBay. I am glad to see you are interested in my item. Please respond to this email just to confirm your initial bid. Please understand that this is my policy for all new or zero feedback bidders. Thanks, and I look forward to doing business with you!"

    Something like that should do the trick, IMO.
  3. Thanks!

    *copies and pastes*

  4. Well I sent an invoice and still haven't been paid...
  5. Hmm, in my experience, you probably won't get paid. But sometimes 0 feedback bidders are legit, since everyone has to start somewhere. Maybe send a friendly email reminding them to pay or instructing them how to pay? Do you have a time limit for payment? like some sellers say payment must be made within 24 hours or item will be relisted, something like that?
  6. rbaby had the right idea, I usually do the same thing for zero FB buyers, especially for large ticket items. How long has it been? Regardless of what you put in your auction, eBay gives buyers a week to pay.
  7. It hasn't been that long - she won the item last night at about 6 pm, so it's coming up to 24 hours. I could wait a day longer but then it's Thanksgiving and I have stuff to do, I had planned to mail it today or tomorrow. I can't sit around waiting for her to pay and then go mail it at a time when it's inconvinient for me... I've already sent an invoice.
  8. Ok, I still haven't recieved payment yet, and I'd have liked to mail it tomorrow as I won't be able to till Monday after that! I've sent an invoice and contacted her but still no response... how long should I wait....
  9. When I list my items I state in my auction that "I ship on Tuesdays and Thursdays, please pay by the day before you would like your item to ship". This has helped me a lot, I am no longer running to the P.O every day, and the payment ussually comes. I used to ship within 24hrs but it just seemed that people would pay at will and I was running to the PO every day, and it messed with my schedule on getting my other items listed.

    I hope you receive your payment soon. But it has been my experience that 0fb bidders either pay immediately or not at all.
  10. She's new we all have started from 0 before, for goodness sake give her time!
    She might have initial problems with Paypal or whatever method you specify. I have regular customers who take longer than stipulated time to pay me and they have like over 1000 @100% fb. See, even pros take their time.
  11. Still haven't been paid - I'll give it the stipulated 7 days. What if I don't get paid by the time the 7 days are over? Do I give negative feedback or file a claim or what? I've never had someone not pay so I don't know how to handle it, sorry :shame: