0 Feedback Bidders--what is your opinion?

  1. Whenever I sell my higher cost items, I put in my auction that I prefer bidders with a feedback score of 5 or more, and if I am uncomfortable with the bidder, then I reserve the right to cancel their bid. I was burned once before when a bidder with low feedback won the auction and didn't pay. I currently have a bidder who apparently did not read my item description (surprise, surprise) and has bid on my item--the bidder has ZERO feedback. I am concerned because if this bidder wins the auction, and doesn't pay, then it looks bad if I choose to relist or give a second chance offer to the next highest bidder. When that last highest bidder didn't pay, I sent a second chance offer to the next highest bidder, who wanted the item for a hundred dollars less than her original highest bid. How many of you are comfortable selling higher-end items to zero feedback bidders? What would you do in my situation?
  2. I would probably e-mail the zero feedback bidder and just make sure they understand the auction terms. Basically, I'd just want to make sure they actually reply. I would probably also do a search for items they are bidding on and make sure they aren't bidding willy-nilly on everything in sight.
  3. I know we all have to start somewhere, but I typically don't sell my high $ items to bidders with less than 10 fb unless they have emailed me first and have confirmed paypal accounts. It's just not worth the hassle. Since you put it in terms of your auction, if you feel uneasy about it, go ahead and cancel their bid.
  4. Agreed with the two previous posts. But, everyone needs to start somewhere, and it doesn't mean that just because you're new to eBay you won't pay for your auctions. I think communication is key when working with new eBayers.
  5. I emailed one bidder who had a feedback score of 2, but had purchased higher end products and received positive feedback, and cancelled the zero bidders bid. I agree communication is key, which is why I emailed the other bidder, but I also believe that bidders should read the auction description fully before bidding. I know I do--I want to know what I am getting into!
  6. I have had a few problems with 0 feedback bidders but it hasn't been too bad. I have found in the long run they are willing to pay more for the item than someone who has a lot of feedback. Some people put in their auctions that if the person has less than 10 feedback to please e-mail the seller first to let them know if they are really interested and are serious. It is such a hassle when people don't pay. Usually the second highest bidder has already bought something else by the time you send them the second chance offer.
  7. i think everyone's must start somewhere, but if i'm a 0 fb bidder and read if u mention about ur concerns about 0 fb bidders, i would emailed the seller first if she minds if i bid or not.
  8. Just send them a friendly email to make sure they are serious about bidding on the item. I have never offended anyone and it has always worked out just fine.
  9. I'm a 0 feedback bidder and I also live in Australia, but tend to look at high-end items sold in the UK or US. I always email the seller before I bid just to confirm that they will accept a bid from me, whether or not they have that as a term in the auction. I think it's just good manners. I think if you had that as a term it would be completely reasonable.
  10. I dont bid on auctions with zero feedback sellers. And as much as I dont want a zero feedback buyer, we all have to start somewhere. I would rather have a zero fb buyer than a seller any day.
  11. Some of my best buyers have been newbies keen to 'get it right'. However, several of those excellent buyers have also made mistakes because eBay can be confusing! I would definitely contact the bidder and then decide as honest mistakes happen in the excitement of seeing an item you love!
  12. I have been burned by 0 feedbackers and require anyone with less than 5 feedbacks to contact me prior to bidding. Many do not. I now only accept paypal and block all bidders without paypal accounts. This seems to have done the trick and although I have to pay the fees incurred, new buyers with paypal accounts usually are serious buyers. It really has worked out well.
  13. Unless a 0 FB buyer contacts me first, I retract the bid.
    Sometimes I'll send out a friendly reminder as far as "if your read the terms of my auction, you're required to..." to see if they respond.
    I had a 0 FB buyer that ended up being my first NPB. I recently had another 0 FB buyer and after my friendly e-mail got no response so I cancelled the bid.

    Sometimes there are people out there trying to mess with your auctions.
  14. I personally have no problem with 0 feedback bidders. I have had a few nonpayers over the years, and some of them had good feedback. I don't usually sell high dollar items though, and I can see the reasoning for wanting to make sure you were going to receive payment on those types of items.
  15. I find that most of the 0 feedback bidders complete the transaction. :yes: In fact, most of my problems come from bidders with 100% feedback. They either read the listing wrongly.. or decided that they cant pay up.. or went ahead with payment using paypal (unconfirmed address) despite the terms in my listing about shipping to only paypal confirmed addresses and those with unconfirmed addresses should make payments via moneybookers.com or bank transfer.

    But you have to state in your listing for 0 feedback bidders to contact you before bidding. If they don't, its highly likely that they are just messing with your auctions. :s