$0.20 listing fee today only, 1/18/07 - auction and fixed style

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  1. for those who are still brave enough to sell on eBay!

    After reading all these stories, I will still list but am nervous!!
  2. Thanks for the heads up- wish I could take advantage but still haven't quite figured out how to get my pictures from photobucket to eBay..need my 16 year old's help and she's got mid terms until tomorrow..
  3. That is such great news. I took pics of my LV Leonor bag but was hesitant to list it on eBay due to all the crap that one has to deal with plus fees.

    But alteast this eliminates a portion of my worries.. LOL
  4. You can always list today without pictures and add them tomorrow. Just write picture(s) pending in your listing.
  5. Including 5-12 pics or need extra fees? Thanks a lot for this information :smile: I think I'll list my CB pap/retro, wish me luck there :smile:
  6. Thanks for the heads up. Have listed 5 buy it nows, but took me all afternoon because Auctiva kept going down!
  7. I listed a few items, including a few bags. One isn't showing up yet, but the other listed fine. Keeping my fingers crossed, after all the horror stories...wish me luck!
  8. I can't because I just took photos of a bag and they look yellow in the light. Maybe later. I often get good photos in my room at night - the colour's even fine, often better light than the day in my room. (I don't like taking bags outside, something could happen. Plus - the weather!)

    I had an LV all set to go, but eBay is restricting some accounts from selling LV!

    :crybaby:This really stinks! I need better warning. Those photos I took REALLY stink - all yellow. It's weird. Sometimes though I just try again later and it's ok. :shrugs: Perhaps a different colour bag (this was white).

    I'm waiting on acceptance to Poupette Luxe, but three times I sent too large photos that were bounced. The help person was great - I didn't think that was the issue. My smaller photos went through fine, now I just need to wait. (I may need to send another bill scan, because I didn't know which to choose - my name's not on any utilities.)
  9. Have you setting the "white balance" on your camera? I have been taking photos for ebay for three plus years and have only JUST started this, LOL!!

    It makes a fantastic difference in getting colors to come out closer to the actual color! I set it to something white in the same lighting as where I'm taking the photo of the item, and then it will adjust the colors accordingly. I can't believe how easy it was...just seemed too advanced for a point and shoot photo person like me! Check your camera guide if you don't see it anywhere on your camera's menu. Good luck!!
  10. Pics are always extra fees. Use picture pack so the potential buyer can supersize photos. Only $1 for 6 photos.
  11. Westiegirl- thanks for the tip- good to know for the future, didn't get back online yesterday- work then hockey practice:nuts: . Will have time this weekend so we'll see how it goes-a bit nervous about listing with all the ebay stories
  12. Favorite - thanks. I don't even know where my GUIDE is lmao.

    Okay, so some of the pictures worked out, and I put the white bag on a PURPLE background instead of white and it worked fine.

    I ended up listing 4 bags!! Yay. Stayed up almost to the limit though.

    And I already have 1 bid and three watchers on 3 of them. (On Coach, no interest on Dooney.) Yay!

    All this with all new photos from my silly camera, hee hee.
  13. Go to your photobucket album and check the photos you want to put in your eBay listing, then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on "Generate html" and wait a moment. A new page opens with the code you need (it is the first type shown.) click on that code and it will be highlighted. Now (stay with me here =) press (on your keyboard) the control key ( Ctrl, just below the Shift key on the left) and the "C" key AT THE SAME TIME.

    Now, go to your eBay listing description, place the curser where you want the pictures to show up, and press AT THE SAME TIME the Control key and the "V" key.

    Voila' =)
  14. Would anyone please tell me how to find out if there are watchers watching my listing?

  15. Go to "my eBay" and click on the "selling" link on the left side of the page. This will show you a status of all of the items you're selling, whether they have bids, watchers, etc.