$0.15 listing day on ebay!

  1. I was just on eBay to relist an item that didn't sell... and contemplating on listing other items. I guess it's a good day to sell... the promo is good for today 12/27/06.

    15¢ Listing Day
  2. I have converted all my store items to auction. Hope to clear out my new stuff. I am going to go back to selling 90% used and maybe 10% new.
  3. Yeah it's good as long as the listings don't get pulled.
  4. i got 12 new listings done. debating taking things out of the store to list in auctions.... decisions decisions. man i so need to get rid of all my inventory.
  5. Heather,

    We shall see. I started a few at 99 cents. I am just giving up totally on almost all the new stuff...

    Given up on selling Chloes too... Too many fakes out there to compete with. My authentic bags get alot of lookers and no takers. All I get from Chloe is alot of SPAM...
  6. it's a little ridiculous. i have so much. i did 2 promotions this month- i started 20 things at 20 dollars and 30 things at 30 dollars. took a loss on almost everything i sold but i got about 20 things out of here. that means my sell through wasn;t so bad but i'm drowning and i need it out- not to mention need to get out of debt.

    but the spam is out of control.