Rare/Discontinued Alhambra pieces

I have seen a WG sugalite pendant before! I don’t know if they did anything more than the pendant or earrings though.

Is letterwood not produced at all anymore? The MA pendant is still on the website.
I was wondering the same. A member posted a photo from a Japanese site last year or the year before of a sugalite pendant (on the holiday pendant thread), but it was the first time I had seen it so I could not confirm the history/accuracy.

Awesome experience at LV!

Hi all, I went to LV in White Plains, NY to bring my 2.5 year old Victorine wallet in. The leather had rubbed off on the button, and I wanted to get it repaired. They took it and told me the wait time was about 8 months. They did say it probably wouldn’t take that long, though. Afterwards, I bought the new Carryall (thoroughly recommend it).

Barely a week later, I received a call from LV telling me that they had decided my wallet was defective and that I could come in to replace it! Just for a rubbed-off button, which I was even happy to pay for! I went in today and the SA couldn’t have been nicer—he got me a cold Perrier, put out all the wallets and card cases. I also looked at charms. I bought the Victorine when it was much cheaper, but they gave me the full price and i exchanged for a card case and a new charm! Everything was wrapped impeccably.

I couldn’t have been happier with my experience there, and I’m stunned at how they stood by their product and went out of their way to treat me well even though I was only doing a small exchange. I know their quality has apparently dropped recently, but this restored my faith!

Side note: They are opening a new, huge, gorgeous store in the Westchester Mall (NY) on the 19th; they advised me that it will have a lot of hard to find items, as well as ready to wear. I’m going to have to padlock my bank account!

Chanel SPA Service exist or not?

AFAIK there’s no lifetime after care. Before my decade old + black lamb WoC was stolen I had it freshened up (kind of) by chance at my local place that a lot of Dallas uses. It was ready in a couple of days…
I take DHs expensive boots and loafers there, I’m pretty sure all the high end boutiques and stores use them. When I wore Louboutin, they were my first stop for red vibram soles. Nice to get them right back quickly at an affordable price!

Help talk me in (or out) of buying these (fendi cowboy boots)

I love these but struggling to see them with an outfit in a stylish and non costumy way. Thoughts?

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I voted yes, but i do hope they’re comfortable. Like you could wear it the whole day. If they’re not, then pass. I would style this with the basics (black/blue jeans black/white shirt) since it is a statement piece. You could also pair it with a colored metallic bag & other jewels but only in small doses. The look may get overwhelming. HTH!

Useability and functionality of the backpocket pochette for the Birkin (backpocket pouch)

Sorry I don’t have it and don’t think it’s functional at all, why do I want a backpocket for a “open“ tote bag (Birkin)? Unless your sister uses her Birkin fasten up at all time then maybe? If you really want to get her something nice for her Birkin, why not check out the Hermes Fourbi insert?
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Question: shopping in London

Hi again! Another real life update. There is surely a lot of stock here in London.

I have been trying to find Hermes Violet Byzantin nail polish, but it’s sold out everywhere. The Harrods SA said it’s their best selling shade.

Anyway, I am hanging out at LHR and walked past Hermes (the boutique moved next to Chanel). I thought, ok… I’ll give it a shot. Lo and behold, they had it! I was surprised and so excited!

So… if you have been looking for hard to find items, put your list together… London is the place to find stuff!

I hope you find items on your list!

Thinking of getting facial contour surgery (V-line + zygoma). Ideally want facial shape of guy in last pic. Do i need it? (21,M)

Unpopular opinion, I would say no.

Please take everything I say with a grain of salt. I do not know you personally. I also do not know your medical or psychological history so if I hurt your feelings I am sorry. I understand that posting about plastic surgery and physical appearances online can be very nerve-racking and is a very brave thing to do.
I am also not a plastic surgeon. I know plastic surgeons and I work with them but I do not have the experience and knowledge that a plastic surgeon has.

1) I think you're too young. Your face will still continue to mature and change even after you are 20/21. If you really want to do it, I would suggest that you hold off until you're around 25 - 26. A lot of things can happen in 5 years. (I used to have a round face with soft edges when I was about 18 but if you looked at me now, you probably think I got something done. Around 26 - 27, I lost a lot of fat in my face and my jawline definitely got a lot slimmer and more defined.)
2) Personally, I think you're not ready yet. The fact that you're asking strangers online about what we think tells me that you're still in the midst of making a decision. Plastic surgery is a very personal surgery for yourself. You should prioritize what you think, not what other people think. I'm sure opinions and feedback are relatively okay, but at the end of the day, this is your body and you need to decide for yourself and not be swayed by the opinions of others.
3) It's difficult for me to compare the 1st and last picture. Your 1st photo is a front facing photo while the last photo is at an angle. Photos at an angle are universally flattering on almost anyone and does not tell me what that person's facial structure actually looks like. Also both of you are smiling. I would prefer to look at non-smiling and smiling photos to see where the bone structure lies. Your other photos in between are small, taken from far away and have makeup, it's not an accurate representation of you, so I will not use them as reference. (I'm not saying you need to post more "real" photos or anything like that. This is just my opinion.)

Personal opinion, I think your jawline and chin are very nice and slim already. If anything, I think you're focusing on the wrong thing(s). I won't say any more because I'm not here to judge you on what I think looks "best" because the most important thing is what you think looks good for you.

Another note. Proportions are important. Remember that when someone changes one part of the face, other parts of the face may appear different or stand out more. For example, a nose job to reduce the size of the nose may make the rest of the face appear larger. So if you reduce your jaw size and cheek bone, your nose make appear larger or may appear to stick out more. If the plastic surgeon(s) have not discussed about this with your during your consultations I suggest that you either seek another opinion or go back to discuss about facial proportion in relation to other parts and structures of your face.

If you are reading this and either having 2nd thoughts or feel emotionally compromised, I feel that you are not ready and maybe need some more time to think about what you want. But please remember, this is just my opinion, an opinion of a stranger online. Good luck!

New Blue Agate Bracelet - Please Help!

Thanks to everyone who took the time to reply! Blue agate was never on my radar before, but when I tried it on—whoa. Grateful to add this beauty to my collection!

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It is beautiful and looks great on your skin tone.

Blue agate was never on my radar either, but blue is my favorite color and when I tried it on it was game over. Instant love!

Enjoy your bracelet! You picked a good one!

Static Nails?

hi everyone,

i'm seeing so many ads for static nails for some reason- wondering how it is? is it really long-lasting, chip free for 10 days? i guess their thing is glass nails

i guess in general - i'm not sure if more expensive nail polish is better than less expensive nail polish so wanted to get some opinions and reviews before i buy.



G.Allyn: it's always nice to chat with you. Don't be a stranger, now that you
are almost at 'handbag peace'.

I hope you find your dark grey Alto. They did have that
color a few years ago and then I remember seeing it a season or two ago also.
I haven't found any of the more recent Alto styles make me want to spend $$$,
but everyone has different needs/preferences in handbag styles and function.

I've still bought a few Altos, when the price was good, but they don't seem to have
the elegance and 'finishing details' of Altos of years ago. I'm not referring to quality,
just to styling. I'm not a fan of the running stitch and extra leather trim pieces.
Although I don't think that kind of design leads to a handbag that stays pristine with lots of use. All the bags look alike and very casual to me. Maybe they are targeting a younger audience.

World's most expensive car

The Rolls-Royce Sweptail with a glass roof was the world's most expensive car at $13M in 2017.



Then the Bugatti La Voiture Noire was the world's most expensive car at $19M in 2019.



And now Rolls-Royce Boat Tail is the world's most expensive car at $28M 2021.



The Second $28 Million Rolls-Royce Boat Tail Is Inspired By The Mother Of Pearl 2022:

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