Best Clinic for Facelift?

I'm focused on both lower bleph AND facelift and did a lot of research concluding that I liked JK, View, ASPS and Daisipium the best.

Analyzing further, it really looks like only ASPS is more specifically/highly regarded for having facelifts as a specialty, specifically Dr. Le Min Koo. The others are more specifically regarded for eyes/bleph. Of course they all do both surgeries but I'm looking at what places are known for. (Of course they may have other specialties I wasn't looking into like rhinoplasty)

Does anyone know if this is true?

How much I actually saved purchasing in Paris.

I wanted to share my experience, not complaining, just sharing what we actually saved for anyone interested.

I purchased a Mini Classic Tweed bag for 4600 Euros.
With the conversion rate, I paid $5015 euros before tax (I wasn't charged tax, see below for commentary).

This same bag in Denver, Colorado is $4800 with a sales tax rate of 8.81% tax which would be $5222.88.

So, in summary, I saved $207.88. Certainly happy that we paid less, but I honestly was thinking it would be a bit more. But hey, I got to get my Rue Cambon white bag experience checked off my bucket list! :smile:

Regarding the VAT tax refund: I was not charged any tax at all, they did the VAT tax paperwork for me in the store. When I went to the airport and scanned the barcode, it said invalid and I had to go to the customs agent and he said the tax refund had been automatic when purchased as I never paid the tax to begin with.

Girin Plastic Surgery Experience (Open Rhinoplasty)

Hello everyone! I just had my first plastic surgery and it is almost 4 weeks post op soon, and I would like to share my experience!

From a young age, I always knew I would want to have something done to my face beyond just my double eyelids. Initially, I thought jaw shaving was my only option because of my squarish and long face. However, I discovered nose threads, which are non-permanent and budget-friendly, and decided to try them before committing to an actual nose job.

At that stage, I was still exploring various procedures to achieve my ideal look. I went ahead with nose thread lifts and loved the results. Though they enhanced my appearance, they couldn't fully achieve the look I desired, which required surgery. I recommend nose thread lifts if you're uncertain, but keep in mind that removing them during the procedure can be costly.

Additionally, I have a slight hump on my nose and no nose bridge, which became more apparent as I compared myself to more attractive people. I realized that perhaps I didn’t need jaw shaving; my nose was the issue. Given the popularity and decades of practice of nose surgeries, I felt confident the procedure was well-perfected.

I decided to proceed with open rhinoplasty using my rib. Silicon has a high rejection and infection rate, and I knew friends who had rhinoplasties with silicon nose tips that ended up infected. They are now planning for open rhinoplasty using rib, which, although more costly in the long run, seemed a better choice. While silicon could achieve the desired look without warping, I believe using rib is superior. The rib may result in slight shape variations during healing, but this can be easily corrected since the clinic saves some rib tissue for future adjustments. Additionally, using the rib for the nose bridge and tip ensures better fusion with the tissues, resulting in a sturdier nose tip.

I discovered Girin Plastic Surgery through a Korean agency that helped me find a clinic capable of delivering the results I desired. They provided a list of clinics, and I focused on those that weren’t hard selling other procedures, responded promptly, and could perform open rhinoplasty using rib. Few clinics offer this procedure, but I heard excellent reviews about Girin Plastic Surgery. A friend of mine, who had an infection from a silicon rhinoplasty at another clinic, was also planning to go to Girin Plastic Surgery. She decided on this clinic after hearing positive experiences from two of her friends who had successful procedures there. Girin is also extremely famous with foreigners and locals and that helped me to decide as well.

I did not get to utilize Girin Plastic Surgery online consultation service however I was able to ask the Korean agency which helped me to talk to Girin Plastic Surgery and get pictures of before and after of the surgery procedure I was looking at.

I opted for a consultation and surgery on the same day due to my limited time in South Korea. Dr. Han Ji Hyun oversaw my procedure, and she was extremely friendly, sweet, and patient with all my questions. She even addressed inquiries about other procedures, even though I was only there for an open rhinoplasty with rib.

Dr. Han Ji Hyun thoroughly explained the pros and cons of using rib versus silicon, and we discussed in detail the results I wanted and how the rib bone absorption rate might affect the outcome. She assured me that with an absorption rate of 20-30%, she would work to achieve the desired result and addressed any concerns about potential bone warping during healing.

Our consultation lasted at least 20 minutes, which is longer than the typical 15-minute maximum, but Dr. Han Ji Hyun never rushed me or made me feel nervous. I also consulted her about canthoplasty to see if it would make my eyes bigger, but she honestly advised that I didn’t need it. Additionally, she reviewed my previous double eyelid surgery from my home country, reassuring me that it was fine and that I didn’t need another procedure for it.

Before finalizing my decision, Dr. Han Ji Hyun asked for many reference pictures to ensure she understood what I wanted. She also inquired about my plans for future facial contouring so she could adjust my nose accordingly. While I have considered facial contouring, I currently don't have the budget for it. If I had the funds, I would have definitely opted for it at Girin Plastic Surgery.

I still have some difficulties of recognising myself but once again it is super common and I think it is still swollen and I can't wait to see how much better looking it gets! Just need time to see the results and I am so anxious!

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Sell classic flap for coco handle?

Sell classic flap for coco handle?

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    Votes: 31 96.9%
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Should I sell my classic flap for the coco handle? I only have one chanel bag, I have a 2 year old and my classic flap hardly gets used because of my lifestyle at the moment. The bag is turquoise in lambskin and I'm worried something will happen too it when I'm out and about (especially with my little girl)
I feel like I would get a lot more use out of the coco handle as I would like to get it in caviar leather.. but the classic flap is such a lovely bag and getting so expensive now I just don't want to regret my decision..
Sorry this is rather long winded but I have been on the fence about this for a few months now and I don't know what to do!

Any advice from you wonderful people would be greatly appreciated 🥰


I did my lipo at Nana 2 years ago, their prices were somewhat reasonable. However, after 2 years, I asked again and the prices doubled (and tripled)!!
Thigh lipo 2022: 3 million krw
Thigh lipo 2024: 8 million krw
Total of all areas went from 11.5 million krw to ~24 million krw
Have I been living in a cave, or is this increase really insane? Is it the same with other clinics? Need a recommendation for a good lipo clinic (beside Nana and PrettyBodyClinic)

My GIRIN review

I had consultation for chin lipo + platysmaplasty; 360 arm lipo (front and back of upper arms) & breast augmentation.

I’ve always thought about having breast augmentation as I was insecure about my asymmetrical small sized breasts. I also have always had stubborn upper arm fat that didn’t go away despite losing weight. I also noticed I would have double chin at certain angles. my friends and I all decided to come to Korea specifically for the Motiva brand implants. We were recommended to GIRIN based on our mutual friend who had gotten their breast procedure done here , I appreciate the accessibility of communicating with them via WhatsApp prior to flying to Korea. While there is time differences, they were very responsive within 24hrs. I would send pictures and they would have suggestions and recommendations in response. The English translator, Monica, while we were there was really helpful and reassuring and guiding us through the process. I am very pleased with how soft my implants are becoming week by week as I am approaching 6 months post-op. I had to wear compression sleeves they custom sized me for my upper arms and a chin strap as well for double chin lipo and plastymaplasty- I have received many compliments on a “face lift” and my friends wish they had gotten this done. I also had rejuvaderm while under anesthesia on my large pores and hypertrophic scars- also very happy about these results.

Dr Song Jae Yong for breasts

Dr Park Deok Jun for lipo

Sweet Alhambra MOP or Plum Blossom Pendant?

Hi! I would like to add a MOP piece and need help deciding between the sweet Alhambra MOP pendant or the lucky spring plum blossom MOP pendant. Which do you think is more versatile and can be worn dressed up or down? Is the plum blossom a classic style? Would you only wear it during spring/summer?

I like that the plum blossom is different from the vintage Alhambra pendant and isn’t as obvious of a VCA piece. I have sweet studs so the sweet pendant would complement well but it is on the daintier side and the plum blossom is bigger…but is the plum blossom too “cutesy”?

Please help me decide! Vintage Alhambra Guilloche Necklace vs Mini Frivole Necklace + Earrings

Hello! First time to post here in the VCA forum! I do a lot of reading here before making any purchase, appreciate everyone's posts as they are super helpful. My birthday is coming up, so was looking at possible birthday gifts from my husband (I get to choose, lol). I was looking at the Vintage Alhambra Guilloche necklace in yellow gold, which I think is so beautiful. I was also looking at the Mini Frivole Necklace and matching Mini earrings, in yellow gold. The mirror finish looks so pretty to me. Which do you think is the better purchase?

I have a pretty small and simple jewelry collection... I work from home so I only really wear jewelry for dinners out and special occasions. I have the Vintage Alhambra, YG MOP, matching it with the Sweet Alhambra YG MOP earrings (my ears are on the small side so I chose the smaller earrings). Those 2 are my only VCAs. I lean towards classics, focusing mostly on earrings and necklaces. Some of my other necklaces I have to give an idea of my style: the Cartier Love necklace and the Tiffany Smile necklace (small), all in yellow gold.

If I do get the Guilloche necklace, I plan to wear it with my diamond earrings, as I do not think they sell Guilloche earrings in Sweet size? Having a hard time deciding, so any thoughts would be much appreciated! I do plan on visiting the VCA boutique to purchase, and hopefully see them in person, but I do know sometimes these items wouldn't be available in the store to see first. Thank you!


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Dior Sale June 2024

Has anyone here scoring anything during sale? Love their current items on sale. Many are quite beautiful and classic as well.


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My indecisiveness is killing me! (not literally, don’t worry)

Here I am again! Still deciding on a 5 motif to match my yellow gold pave vintage pendant. I thought I had finally narrowed it down to the full pave 5 motif, but I had the chance to try on the guilloche/pave alternating in the boutique the other day. I think it’s super cute! I thought that maybe the alternating motif makes it so that it isn’t TOO “matchy-matchy” with my pendant and breaks up the pave a little. On the flip side, I have raging OCD and don’t fare well with visible scratches, so everyone is telling me pave is the most practical way to go, which I agree with. I’m having a tough time making a final decision, since I’d really like it to be something I can wear daily without having to worry, but also something I can style easily for any occasion. I feel like if I truly can’t decide, I may just have to rule out both… which would be very disappointing. But I don’t want to make a decision that I’ll regret either.


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What surgery do I need to get a more "recessed" face?

Hear me out, the reason Asians look like we have big bulky faces is because our faces are more "blown up" or more forward - and because of that, it makes our noses look flat, our eyes look less deep and our faces look very full, wide, flat etc. The gif below illustrates better:

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My current face is the 3rd frame (but bigger, more robust cheekbones that kinda cover my eye and nose area) and I'm looking to get the face in the first frame where the malar curve from the eye to the mouth area is a straight line.

I'm trying to get the type of face seen in the second row, I currently have first row face but way more bulky and big 🥲🥲 I realize shaving the cheekbones doesn't give you the side profile of the faces in the second row - so I'm asking what do I need to do???? If you observe, their skulls have more depth in the back and the front also showcases more "space" towards the back of their eyes. I've read other forums where they say it's impossible for Asians to achieve that type of side profile. I'm not sure if a Lefort surgery works because it pulls your face forward but from side view, I think we already have forward growth (but of the wrong kind?)

Anyone here with medical/surgical expertise, please chime in. Willing to undergo any surgery to get the side profile of the second row. Not exact I know but that prototype. Also is there a surgery to make my skull more egg shaped overall, right now it's broad and round.


Marly Bandolier

Hi everyone, first time posting!

I just bought a Marly Bandolier from What Goes Around Comes Around and it is in excellent condition. My only question is it does not have a shoulder pad protector on the strap. This style typically does. I'm thinking the previous owner removed it. Should I be concerned it is not authentic without the shoulder strap protector?