Paula's Choice/Beautypedia

I've been in the habit of checking Paula's Choice (mostly for her comments on ingredients) and Makeupalley for product reviews. Today I went to look at Paula's Choice and apparently it's totally changed. Where she used to review all kinds of makeup and skin care products including her own, now she just has her own products and an ingredient checker. I didn't try that but apparently you copy and past ingredients into it and it gives you some information.
This is annoying. She started out just reviewing, then added her own products and now it's basically all about her products.

Gucci Bree Guccissima Pink Leather

I Have just received my Gucci Bree from Vestiaire and I love it so much, I probably over paid for it after all of the customs fees but thats fine.

I am just concerned about the embossing around the top is it normal for the Gucci pattern to be not as sharp? I can’t find much information about the bags online when did they first come out? Just wondering how it will stand up to use further down the line.

Grey Mother of Pearl Adoration thread

Hello everyone !
I'm very new to VCA. I "only" have one 5 motifs bracelet in White Mother of Pearl (and I could barely believe I would spend that much money on myself !), but it's my pride and job, it's soooo pretty. I spend my time looking (stupidly) at my wrist and making it shine, lol !
However, as much as I love White Mother of Pearl, it's the grey one which makes my heart miss a beat. I thought this could be a space where we could all share our adoration of Grey Mother of Pearl and share pictures of course, so that I may dream of one day having my own Special Order of GMOP 5 motifs bracelet...

Consultations, Surgery at EU Dental (Zygoma + V-Line) and Recovery

Hello guys! As I’ve been on this platform for awhile while researching on which clinic to do my facial contouring surgery, I decided to contribute by sharing my experience at EU Dental (and my consultation at Madeyoung).

I had online consultations with several clinics but the only two that interests me was EU Dental and Madeyoung. The main reason was that I wanted to look for a clinic which specialised in facial contouring. The reason I was interested in EU was the positive reviews on this forum and the friendly consultants/translators that I have been chatting with to ask them about the questions I have about surgery. Besides, they are a oral and maxillofacial clinic which meant that they specialise in facial bone surgeries. As for Madeyoung, I was interested that they had a lifting procedure incorporated into their facial contouring surgery and that this clinic was focused on facial contouring initially (although it expanded to provide many more surgeries later on, it started out only providing facial contouring surgeries and nose surgeries if i’m not wrong). Although I couldn’t find much reviews about Madeyoung on Purseforum, I used Babitalk to look at the before and after results and also saw someone’s review on Purseforum regarding their consultation experience there.

As for the face to face consultations, I visited EU first followed by Madeyoung and as this was my first face to face consultation, I actually didn’t know what to expect. I was booked in with a consultation with Dr Kim and when he arrived, he gave me his name card. As I could not speak Korean, Sheila helped me translate my consultation with Dr Kim. When I asked him how much he would cut for my jaw, he said that rather than telling me how much he would cut, he rather tell me how much he would leave behind (not cut) so in my case, it was 2cm as he said cutting more than that would make it look unnatural (ie. it will look like i’ve had plastic surgery done). I agreed with that because i wasn’t looking for a very dramatic outcome i was more afraid of sagging from cutting too much bone and I do appreciate that he seemed more conservative about how much bone we should leave behind. As for my chin, there was a bit of an asymmetry so Dr Kim said that he has to cut the left side abit more to match the right. About my zygoma though, we actually didn’t talk about how much to cut (which thinking back, I should have asked more about it but I thought we could have another session to decide how much bone we were going to cut) we only talked about the sagging and how his technique for zygoma can reduce the chances of sagging. And he asked me if I am very afraid of sagging and I said yes, then he straight up told me that if that is my main concern then i shouldn’t do facial contouring. I can’t really recall that much details of my consultation session since it was more than two weeks ago but this was the points that I took home from my consultation with him. Also, it was good that he did not push on for double jaw because when I consulted with EU online, and showed them pictures of the result I want to achieve, they recommended me to do zygoma, chin, jaw and also double jaw since my face was on the longer side and I have a mild, kinda unnoticeable (to me and my friends around me) protruding upper jaw. I asked Dr Kim about double jaw and he said that it was really up to me since whether my mouth is protruding or not depends on how I see it. And if it isn’t my main concern, we can just focus on facial contouring which we did. As for surgery dates, I could not schedule it in the next week as they were fully booked and the earliest date I could get was 2 days later as someone cancelled their surgery but that was too early and I planned to explore Korea before undergoing surgery and I still wasn’t sure if I wanted to choose EU since I haven’t consulted with Madeyoung. Other than this surgery date, the next one they could slot me in was a week later than I initially planned for the surgery, in other words it was 2 weeks after my initial consultation. I initially wanted to get my surgery done on my 2nd week in Korea so that I have 2 weeks of recovery here but could only get the surgery done at the beginning of my 3rd week here.

Moving on to my consultation with Madeyoung, I was abit apprehensive as they do not have English translators and I had to do the consultation in Chinese which I could speak but I feel more comfortable speaking in English. I consulted with Dr Seo and had a Chinese speaking translator who translated what Dr Seo was saying. He was really friendly and he felt around my face to show me how much he could cut and how my face would look like etc. When I asked him about sagging he told me upfront that I won’t have sagging as I do not have fat in my cheeks or fat under my chin, which made me feel relived but with all the reviews of consultations I’ve read on this forum, doctors usually cannot tell you 100% that you won’t have sagging, so that made me a bit skeptical as well. When I asked him how much he could cut, the translator told me that he would cut how much he can (as my nerves are quite high up) and he couldn’t give me an estimate or precise measurement which I felt sounded rather ‘risky’ in the sense that it felt like they are going to cut off a lot of bone and I was wondering if they are going for dramatic results. Dr Seo also told me that his preference is shorter chins (which is my preference too, as I prefer a shorter but rounder chin rather than the longer but sharper chin). Regarding surgery dates, the earliest date Madeyoung could offer me was a day after EU’s, which meant that I had less time to recover and deswell before I had to return back to my country and their procedure is also more expensive than EU’s (they raised their price from 12mil krw to 15mil krw) and they also didn’t offer any model discounts as they said that they do not offer that for foreigners as they might not be able to keep in contact after we return back to our country.

Hence, the choice I made in the end was EU as the surgery date was a day earlier and I felt more comfortable with Dr Kim’s surgery plan as compared to Dr Seo’s.

Ulla Johnson sale

As soon as I received an announcement about the Ulla Johnson sale that was announced to me via email on 7/28 I went to their website and purchased a raffia handbag that I was in love with. My CC card was charged and I received an acknowledgment of my purchase.
After 7 days I emailed customer service to ask about the status of my order and I was asked to be patient but that my order would go out and when it did I’d receive shipping info.
After 10 days I wrote again and received the same answer. When I questioned whether my item was actually available to be shipped customer service finally looked into it or so they said.
They then informed me that the item was “missing” and I would be refunded.
I am livid. They charged my CC card immediately and now the item is unavailable??
Very disappointed with this company and their lack of organization and response to my unfulfilled purchase.
Has anyone had any issues with the Ulla Johnson website fulfilling orders?

Any Piaget Lovers out there?

Any Piaget Lovers out there?

I just started my fine jewelry collection and found my first from Piaget, the Piaget Rose bracelet. I love how they also have a wonderful SA who assisted me in my first purchase and she's always updated me about the new jewelry in store. I'm looking to purchase the earrings to match my bracelet and I'm keen on their Possession line as well!


Covid and perfume

I'm getting over my first case of Covid. Finally felt up for taking care of myself today and spraying on perfume. My favorite perfume smells awful. I know some lost sense of taste or smell from Covid. I haven't lost it but it's completely off with my perfume.:sick: Anyone else experience this and how long did it last?


I have some tiny bumps on my face that have been there for months. Dermatologist says they are milia and doesn't seem concerned about them. they're not really noticeable unless I'm using the magnifying mirror but I'm trying to get rid of them. I've been using a good exfoliator - Dr Brandt's - and that seems to have helped. I'm going to use only my hypoallergenic foundation. It occurs to me also that having used silicone primer (not daily but sometimes) probably isn't good. So for now, no primer and maybe I'll buy some that doesn't have silicone.

anyone have these little bumps? they're supposed to be temporary

Cassandre Wallet

Does anyone own this wallet? It is not the card wallet, but the one with a bill slot. I have never purchased anything from SL and was looking around for a small wallet when this one caught my eye. I have seen it at the boutique and will most likely get the black with gold hardware. I guess my question is if it holds up well when thrown in a bag and is it easy to use- not too fussy. TIA.


Would two H bags in noir be too much of a good thing?

Last fall, while in Paris, I bought a 24/24 35 in noir Clemence/Swift with GHW. It is a pretty awesome under the radar H bag with great slouch, an outside pocket for my iPhone and enough room for my MacBook though not my work laptop. However, unlike it's smaller cousin, the 29, it does not have a strap and must be strictly hand or elbow carried.

Until today I had yet to receive an offer from my wishlist from my SA...when I texted her in excitement to tell her that I'd found a 1999 K32 in H rouge, she asked if she could call me. She shared that she'd been trying to keep it a surprise until I went in but, given my news, she had to tell me that she has held a K32 in noir for me which I'll see next week.

So, my question is do I need two black H bags? Anyone here have multiple bags in one color? I think there's at least one person who has multiple bleu nuit bags...anyone else? Thoughts? TIA

Lifers, When Will You be Done With Hermes?

Love etoupe. Don’t have a Birkin anymore. I have a 31 Bolide and love it.
My opinion, I’ve been collecting Hermes for 40+ years.
  • I have more scarves than I care to count. A scarf is going to have to blow me away for me to buy it.
  • I lead a very casual lifestyle as a semi-retired consultant. Read: I am not buying $10-20K in RTW items per year any more.
  • My home is furnished. No need for that. Don’t need/want any more China/crystal.
  • Hermes fine jewelry doesn’t thrill me anymore; I have Hermes sterling and I don’t wear costume jewelry. I bought significant H fine jewelry in the past.
Over time, I have invested in the high six, if not seven figures at Hermes in those 40+ years of collecting. Why can’t I get a blasted 25 Kelly if I want one?!!! I inquired about said Kelly because I had a major life event and I wanted the bag as a celebration. I asked whether it was feasible from my current SA and SM. And I got the same baloney as a newbie wanting a quota bag.

Because H only cares about clients who spend money now — quid pro quo.

As a result, I’m going the bespoke bag route to complete my collection.

Nano Luggage still "in"?

Hi all,

I'm thinking of selling my LV Palm Springs Mini in Reverse Monogram so I can purchase the Nano Luggage. I've had my eye on the nano luggage since I was 14-15, and I'm now a month away from turning 25. I hardly use the PSM and the Nano Luggage is right up my ally in terms of bag style, colours, etc.

I was wondering if the Luggage bag is still "in" per say? Is it worth purchasing?


Overnight delivery gone wrong

I paid $25 for overnight delivery of a Fendi bag. It was supposed to arrive yesterday and was delayed till today. I checked tracking today and now it’s delayed to “delivery time unknown”. However it is in my city. This is totally UPS fault according to their tracking. They had a mechanical failure. Is there anything I can do refund wise? Or for the amount of hassle this will probably become should I just let it go? Thanks.

Going to London and Paris for the first time. Any shopping tips or any city exclusives I should keep in mind?

Hi All,

I’m going to London and Paris in November. This will be my first time to the UK and Europe. This wasn’t a trip that I had planned for so I won’t have a lot of money set aside for luxury shopping. Are there any tips, experiences, city exclusives, etc. when it pertains to luxury shopping that I should know about? I will be doing other things besides shopping.

Shopping wise I wanted to go to 31 Rue Cambon. I heard if I buy something, I can get a picture in front of the stairs to Coco Chanel‘s apartment, lol. Sounds cool, but I‘m also not sure I want anything from Chanel right now. I can’t afford a bag on this trip and I don’t really need any slgs. Maybe I should wait until my planned trip in 2024? I wanted to go on a world trip and planned to buy a Chanel 2.55 or classic flap while in Paris for my 40th birthday that year.

Does the Hermes store in Paris have scarves or other small items that are exclusive to their city? Does LV have exclusive hot stamping or something like that?

Currently, I have about $1500 set aside for “luxury” shopping for myself on this trip. I have another budget for souvenirs and tchotchkes and whatnot. I’m thinking about selling a few things to raise more money for my luxury budget.